25 February 2010


Since Pope Francis has really demonstrated his deviation from the True Catholic faith, I can no longer say that Unity is my number one issue.  Bergoglio (Francis) has, in my humble opinion, gone over the deep end with examples of idolatry, Marxism, and the dethroning of Christ as King.  By unity, I certainly never meant with Muslims or other false religions.  This pope, again, in my opinion, is a heretic, and I hereby state that my allegiance is to the faith of Jesus Christ as propigated by the TRUE Catholic Church (and NOT the parallel, modernist church that is most prevalent today).  ~Stacey on 3rd September 2020

UNITY.  The unity of the One True Church.  I believe the One True Church is both the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic: that they are currently in schism, but they are essentially one.  I long for the day (hoping in my lifetime) when the schism is healed and the Church is truly unified.  These Churches are essentially one, with different expressions.  They are both beautiful, liturgical, and wholly devoted to Christ, the Head of the Church.  They are both Apostolic.

GO HERE to read the Common Declaration signed by Pope Francis and His All-Holiness Bartholomew in 2014.

May God bless and unite us in His Faith!

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