26 February 2020

Ash Wednesday

It is here. Lent has arrived. I am excited, calm, fearful, and joyful. Lent is actually a favourite season of the year for me. I love that the Church has built in a special and prolonged time to prepare ourselves for both the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.

In the past, I never really understood the necessity for a whole season of penitence.  Now I do.  I feel like I should be on my knees for 40 full days, and that still wouldn't be enough to even begin to comprehend what Christ has done, and the magnificence of Our Lord.

I am looking forward to this time of increased prayer, fasting, and alms-giving.  The Faith is SO rich and wonderful, and what a gift it is to be encouraged to set aside even more time to go deeper.  Simultaneously, I am in the 33-day period of Consecration to Jesus through Mary, so there is an added dimension to this year's Lent.

May you all have a truly blessed and holy Lent!

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