05 February 2020


The whole Brexit thing makes me SO sad.  Today I saw this newspaper article:

To be fair, the poster caused all kinds of backlash, and most people were very upset about it.  But the thing is, the UK was already a very divided country on major issues, both political and societal.  On top of that, there is very little faith motivating anything that happens here. 

So yes, Brexit makes me sad.  It is just another example of the world becoming more and more divided.  Us and them. 

I believe Brexit was motivated by these things:  prejudice and bigotry (keep those immigrants out), greed (keep our money in, don't help others), fear (someone else will take whatever it is we think we have), and ignorance (if we leave the EU, life will suddenly become great).

I also believe we will see in the months and years to come what a sad mistake the UK has made by separating from and leaving the EU.

Lord have mercy on the UK.

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