29 February 2020

Coming to Grips with St Paul

I have always found it difficult to deal with St Paul.  I have read him in the Bible.  I have heard umpteen sermons on him and his theology.  I have studied him in school.  I have fought with him.  I have tried to ignore him.  I have called him a misogynist.  I have thrown up my hands at him and walked away.  Truth.

I've decided:  it's now or never.  I have GOT to come to grips with St Paul.  After searching and discussing where would be the best place to start, I determined to start here:

This book!  Oh my goodness.  Well, I am about one quarter of the way in.  There is a LOT.  I am spellbound by it.  My gut tells me that I am on the way to becoming friends with St Paul.  At last!

More on this when I have finished the book...

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