04 February 2020

Do What You Can

Our evenings are way too short.  By the time my husband comes home after his 45-minute-to-an-hour commute (longer if I ask him to stop by the store), gets washed and changed, we have a few minutes to share about our days, and finally have dinner, there is not much time left before Ian has to get his shower and get into bed, preparing for another early morning.  And if we are both doing Shermy-care, then there is even less time.  Still, we do what we can.  I think that's what the Church instructs:  do what you can.

So tonight was Taco Tuesday.  We actually don't follow a template, as it were, for dinners -- although, I do plan ahead and am very budget-conscious.  But we can have tacos any night of the week!  I'm definitely not a "food photographer".  Or even a foodie.  In fact, I read somewhere that it is sinful to play with food, and frankly, I agree.  I do not like the square plate brigade, nor for the food on my plate to look like a piece of abstract art!  It seems to me that when so much of the world is starving, it is somehow sacreligious--yes, even sinful--to play with food in that way.  So, my photo is just a plain old kitchen photo, with food on the stove, and now, in our bellies.

We also do have a Domestic Church.  It has taken various forms over the years, but the important thing is, we make sure to pray together daily.  We've only been in this house for about a year and a half, so we're still deciding how we want things done.  At the moment, we have our icons in various locations:  a group of them in the living room, another group in one end of the dining room, icons in our bedrooms, pretty much all through the house.  A special shelf on one of the bookcases.  We have prayed standing up, kneeling, sitting on the sofa.  And during this time while Ian's work makes for short evenings, we have a wee tray on the coffee table, with a candle we light when it's prayer time.

Also at the moment, we're doing well to read the daily Mass readings, study about the day's saints, and then do compline, followed by personal bedtime prayers.

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