05 February 2020

Inferiority Complex

Crikey!  I only just started blogging, and already I feel completely inferior.  Somehow I stumbled upon one of the many, Many, MANY advice blogs (especially advice for we ignorant podunk bloggers), and it basically said that if one was writing a Christian / Catholic blog and using a free blogging platform, then one would never, EVER be anyone in the blog world, and no one would ever read one's blog.  Well, um.  It's true that at this writing, no one has read my blog.  But good grief, what is the point of tolling the death knell on other people's blogs before other people even get started?  And whatever happened to people blogging just because they enjoy it?  I mean, seriously?

When I first started blogging, it was in 2007.  I kept it up until late 2011.  At that point, I had become weary.  My blog was being stalked by an entire village in the north of Scotland, and they were apparently upset because I was (a) a Christian, (b) married to "one of their own" (thus taking him off the market, I guess), and (c) had the nerve to write whatever was on my heart (which must be offensive to those who have no heart).  But I digress.  In the beginning, I really enjoyed it.  I made friends with women, some of whom I am still friends with. 

How exactly did blogging become a career choice and an income generator?  Is everyone out for a buck, no matter what? 

Ah, well.  I guess I can write whatever I want, because the "blogging experts" were right!  No one is reading my new blog!  Which is fine, because really, I'm more this speed:

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