27 February 2020

Lent vs Prosperity: True Christianity

I am currently considering the Church Fathers and the Apostles, and prompted by my Consecration studies, really meditating on how different their lives were from ours. 

The Apsotles and Church Fathers (Athanasius, Chrysostom, Anthony the Great, Basil, the Gregorys, etc.) were truly on fire for our Faith, and lived completely differently from the world.  They were humble and willing to put up with endless mockery, privation, and in many cases, martyrdom. 

I am not sure why we think this is something only the ancients did, and we don't need to concern ourselves with it.  The devil is always, constantly trying to thwart the faith, destroy the Church, and ruin the lives of everyone.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. -- 1 Peter 5:8
We can learn a lot from the Fathers, not just in terms of theology and worhip practice, but for our daily living.  We MUST turn away from the distracting things of this world, and keep our eyes fixed on things of the Faith.

It is Day Two of Lent.  I have abstained from social media, for one thing.  Also, although we do not have a television, and have not for our entire marriage, we do use YouTube to watch various things (mostly old movies -- or when I went through my Hallmark Christmas movie phase!), so I have abstained from any frivolous watching and time-wasting.  It is so quiet in the house.  And it is so good!  My focus is on the Faith, and I am reading more (an absolutely spell-binding book on the Apostle Paul), and having much more time for prayer. 

What if we lived like this ALL the time, and not just through Lent?  What if we lived even a fraction as faithfully as the Church Fathers? 

I think this is a good time to look at contempory leaders in various denominations.  Are they worldly?  Are they promoting truth, or aberrations like "prosperity theology"?  Do they regularly pray, fast, and give alms, or are they jetting around in their private planes and expensive cars.  Are the women heavily made up, with expensive hair-dos and painted nails, or are they modestly and femininely dressed?  Are the preachers telling you how you can have heaven on earth, or are they pointing you to Christ and eternity?

These people are NOT preachers of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are charlatans, snake oil salesmen, and money-changers.  Earthly financial prosperity is NOT part of the Gospel, and Lent is a good time to remember this.  These are false teachers:

 Jocye Meyer's compound of five houses.
She owns other homes elsewhere.

It bears mentioning that Paula White is
part of President Trump's entourage.

The Christian Faith is NOT about the aquisition of money, property, or other material goods.  It is about accepting suffering, loving God, loving your neighbours, loving enemies, maintaining hope, and following Christ by taking up our cross.  It is about the person of Jesus Christ, NOT the person of some self-appointed prosperity preacher encouraging you to "claim your blessing." 

Yes, we can learn a lot from the Fathers and Mothers of the Faith.  Think about it!

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Barbara said...

Thank you, Stacy, for visiting and commenting on my blog. You mentioned, Florida and Littleton, Colorado. I have lived in Littleton twice, and in 4 other Colorado Front Range cities/towns over the years. We are now retired to Central Florida because this is where most of our children seem to be rooted from here on out.

Your blogs are interesting. I see that we read at least 5 of the same blogs! (and there may be more as I was scrolling through your list quickly). Also, I love to cross stitch. Can't get enough of it.

Your station in life now in Scotland sounds interesting. I look forward to reading more of your posts to learn about your way of life.