21 February 2020

Our Lady Victorious, and the Infant Jesus of Prague

I think making a pilgrimage to the Church of Our Lady Victorious, and the shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague was the saving grace of our rather odd and rushed trip to Prague.  It was definitely the highlight for me. 

The church is in the "Lesser City" of Prague -- on the same side of the river as the Castle complex and the Prague Loreta.  By the time we walked to / found this church, my feet were killing me, and I was feeling chilled to the bone.  Upon going inside the church, however....

I immediately felt a sense of peace, warmth, and holiness.  There were not a lot of people inside (there rarely are in the great churches these days), but those who were present were definitely prayerful, respectful, faithful.  It was a time of refreshing for me -- for us both, I believe.

We were able to view the church, pray at the shrine, see the wee museum which had photos of the Infant in His various vestments, and also displays of some of the beautiful vestments from around the world.

The really great thing:  we were there on a Wednesday late afternoon.  We discovered there was a Mass in English every Thursday at 5:00 PM.  Back we went for what was essentially a pilgrim Mass the next evening.  It was glorious.  No words can adequately describe it.  Nothing was elaborate or fancy.  However, the priest was clearly invested in the Mass and in making it special for the faithful.  As we were lining up for Communion, the priest sort of changed his mind, and the next thing we knew, we were being led to the shrine of the Infant, and the tabernacle was being opened, and we were given Communion directly from the shrine! After Mass, we all went back to the shrine, knelt (on the cold marble) and prayed the Novena with the priest.  Everyone was filled with light and hope and faith.  This experience -- this pilgrim experience -- was worth the whole trip, and really, pretty much eclipsed everything else.

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