24 February 2020

Prague, Part Five ~ And the Last

Although our travelling this trip took a full five days, we were actually only in Prague for one evening followed by two full days.  Most of that time was spent walking -- as evidenced by our aches and pains at the end of each day!

I had taken photos of something that I found very distressing in the city of Prague:  graffiti everywhere.  But I decided I didn't want to uglify my blog with it.  I will always maintain that graffiti is NOT art and merely vandalism and disrespect.  The graffiti we saw -- on the ground floor of probably 75% of the buildings -- was very definitely NOT art, but merely belligerence and destruction.

 Prague Opera House

Another disappointment was how many of the big, beautiful churches were closed, except for during Mass times.  It seems such a waste.  We were especially sad not to be able to enter the Orthodox Church of Sts Cyril and Methodius, as well as Our Lady of Tyne Church.

The ground floors of most of the buildings were also heavily populated with tacky and expensive tourist shops and over-priced restaurants.

Vltava River, looking towards the Lesser City and Castle

In spite of all that, though, we both truly enjoyed seeing the ornamental architecture, the art nouveau influences everywhere, and the church spires.  Our walk along the Vltava River was delightful, and we even saw muskrats waddling along the banks!  The swans were beautiful and some groups did some breathtaking fly-bys. 

 Our Lady of Tyne Church, behind the Old Town Square

The clash of cultures, namely the Church and the previous communist era, both overlayed by a very liberal pop culture, was disturbing.  Prague felt discordant and uncomfortable to me.  I could never totally relax there like I have been able to in other countries.

We doubt we will go back...but who knows?  At any rate, we are glad we were able to have our little short experience (going and coming travel notwithstanding).

A final wave to Our Lady Victorious Church, where the Infant Jesus of Prague lives

Happy Travels!

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