21 February 2020

Prague, Part Four -- Night Views

 One of the lovely shrines (there is a picture of Jesus in the window, but the reflection from the glass makes it hard to see) attached to the walls of houses throughout Prague -- this is at one end of Charles Bridge.  I love this about many European cities.

Charles Bridge, looking toward the Old Town, Prague

For all my talk about Prague being a place we probably won't go back to (unless we strike it rich!), I do still want to share how lovely some of the architecture and ornamentation of Prague is.  It was really pretty, both in the day and at night.

 Looking toward the Old Town at twilight.

 The Old Town end of Charles Bridge

Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor

The evening of our first full day, we wandered from the Church of Our Lady Victorious towards the river, stopped for one of these lovely treats:  a Trdlo (made from a trdelnik), and walked across the Charles Bridge and through the maze of tiny streets into the Old Town Square.

The Old Town and the Castle complex area were the most crowded areas of Prague, by far.  It's worth seeing these places -- but, I would definitely avoid the restaurants and food vendors here if you are looking to save money -- and do be prepared for all the ridiculous posing-for-photos tourists and high prices.

 View of Our Lady of Tyne Church

This was one of many churches which proved to be a huge disappointment by not being open to the public.  We are not sure if this is due to fear of vandalism and/or people just generally disrespecting holy ground, or why this was.

 Old Town Square at night in February

 An absolutely gorgeous building with an absolutely appalling business on the ground floor (something the secular party tourist would be interested in) -- so sad.

The famous astrological clock.

The astrological clock in Prague's Old Town Square is worth viewing, especially if you know who the Apostles are and enjoy the symbolism of the clock.  Judging by the crowds we saw (both day and night) most people are just checking this off the list and didn't seem to understand what they were looking at.  

Editorial comment:  The whole "bucket list" thing has created a generation of people who seem to be interested only in checking off as many things as they can, whether or not they truly experience or understand what they are seeing and checking off.  We are absolutely NOT bucket list people, and believe it is the sign of a sound-byte world that moves way too fast for its own good.

Stay tuned for more about Prague, as well as various and sundry thoughts about life, the Faith, and culture.

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