19 February 2020

Prague, Part Two

We had heard some people say that Prague is an inexpensive city for tourists.  I am here to tell you:  that is absolutely NOT true.  We have travelled in Europe a fair amount, and Prague is by far the most expensive city we have been in.  We ran out of money!  And we bought virtually nothing.  I will say that public transit in Prague is very good and very inexpensive, but after that -- NO!  The exchange rate for us was terrible (Czech crowns to British pounds), and EVERYTHING cost money -- entry into many of the churches, entry into the castle complex, etc.  Food was not cheap, even the street food, and the ONLY thing we found was a reasonable price was the beer (I suspect the folks who think Prague is a cheap city are the ones who go for the beer alone -- sadly, on the plane over, we discovered quite a few people whose sole purpose in going to Prague was to "party" and get drunk).

Our first full day in Prague, we took the tram to what turned out to be the BOTTOM of the castle complex.  Our first stop, as I mentioned before, was St Nicholas Church.  From there, we walked many, MANY steps up to the castle complex itself.  The weather:  cold, windy, and just a bit damp with flakes of snow / drops of rain.

An ornate lamp post, and part of the Archbishop's Palace, Castle Square

The square was very crowded, and there were tons of tourists -- most people seemed to be from Asia.  I don't think there is a true off-season in Europe anymore.  There is "crowded" and "really, really crowded".

T.G. Masaryk, First President of Czechoslovakia

We never made it into the castle or St Vitus Cathedral.  We regret this, but when we reached the top, the lines (queues) were enormous, just to buy tickets, and this was only February!  So, we admired the buildings and the views, and decided to wander away from the castle complex.  Stay tuned for our experience of the Prague Loreta!

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