04 February 2020

Sun and Light

Today the sun was out for awhile.  Any blink of sun we get here in the winter is a huge blessing.  It makes me think of a church, a house of God, a shrine, a sacred space, all alone, when the rest of the world doesn't even seem to see it.  How many have kept themselves inside all day, behind closed blinds, and have not even seen the little ray of light, of hope we had today.

I feel like this, really...

Sometimes you just have to build it, be it, do it, and be the sun in an otherwise grey world.  Ian and I are always talking, planning, praying about how we can be light-bearers and how we can make our spaces beautiful and sacred regardless of how those around us choose to live.

It also makes me think about how we have to keep the light, and keep on a narrow path.  I wonder if that is why I feel so drawn to the beautiful Italian cypress trees.  They make me think of a narrow, but beautiful, if sometimes harsh, path.  Plus, I remember how much my Mom loved them, and how we had some in our yard in Florida.  I could stare at Italian cypress trees for ages.  Perhaps I will adopt them as symbols of the Narrow Way.

{Photo credits: Unsplash.com}

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