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01 February 2020

Welcome, and Thank You...

for stopping by.  It is good to be back after many years away from blogging.  One of my hopes is that I will meet and make new friends and folks with whom to share the journey.  If you are looking for a niche blog, this will definitely NOT be it!  For many years, I was intimidated by the seeming mandate that if one wanted to blog, one had to find a niche and be an "expert".  What I discovered were a lot of self-proclaimed "experts" who were too young to be an expert in anything!  They will very probably learn, as I have, that the older you get, the less of an expert you become, in anything.

This blog is my little set-apart space in the giant and overwhelming world, both natural and cyber.  It is a place to share, to ruminate, to muse, to pray, and to find ways pleasing to God to walk this path.  I will be writing about things that are near and dear to my heart:

  • the Faith (capital F) -- Christianity as expressed and handed down through Apostolic succession in the Orthodox and Catholic Churches (but I respect and welcome all Christians!)
  • married life
  • homemaking and decorating
  • holy days and holidays
  • sheep
  • sacred art and music
  • stitching (I am an avid cross-stitcher and designer)
  • travel
  • life in the Northern Highlands of Scotland
  • life as an American expat who has dual citizenship with the US and the UK
  • ways of helping / charity / generosity
  • refugees
If anything appeals to you, please do come back.  I hope even something little here will vindicate you, make you think, challenge you, comfort you, and be a blessing in some way.  Comments are always welcome -- please be friendly and kind.

And so the adventure begins...

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