04 March 2020

St John Chrysostom #1

I am reading Alexander of Alexandria (hard going - but I will persevere and come back to him).

I am also reading St John Chrysostom (incredible).  Thousands of books and hundreds of blogs cannot begin to plumb the depths of St John Chrysostom.  Many times, one paragraph, or even one sentence is worthy of much pondering.

I will just leave you with this quote, pertaining to attendance (as in the full attention of the mind and heart) at Church, especially of the Gospel readings:
Let us not therefore with noise or tumult enter in, but with a mystical silenece.  For if in a theatre when a great silence has been made, then the letters of the king are read, much more in this city must all be composed, and stand with soul and ear erect.  For it is not the letters of any earthly master, but of the Lord of angels, which are on the point of being read.  (St John Chrysostom on Matthew)

How majestic! 

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