29 March 2020

The Longest Week

Does anyone feel the same way?  This has been the longest week I can remember.  I can't believe it was only Monday of this same week when the Prime Minister put the whole of the UK on lockdown.

As the week progressed, some of the measures were tightened.  The police gained more power and authority.  The reasons for leaving your home were reduced.  We can only leave our homes for essential foodstuffs, health reasons (appointments, medicine, etc.), one time per day of exercise (like running or walking) by yourself or with family, or if you absolutely have to go to work, which would pretty much be medical and emergency service people, some council workers, postal people, and those working in the grocery stores.

The streets are deserted, and the neighbourhoods are quiet and feel strange -- occasionally we see someone walking a dog or maybe just walking.  The driveways and residential carparks are full.

We have to feed Shermy every other day, so we must go out, but we go straight there and back.  Neither of us even wants to go into the grocery store.

So far, we have not been able to find toilet paper anywhere!

Ian's workplace closed on Wednesday.  It feels like ages ago.  Also on Wednesday, just before they really cracked down about people on the roads, we drove to Stratherrick in the rain, and hiked through a field of very large horses, in the rain and mud and muck, and made a pilgrimage to a shrine, in the rain.  I made my consecration to Jesus Through Mary at the altar of the shrine of the Our Lady Immaculate, in the rain.

We have been attending daily online Mass, and on Friday we participated via a live broadcast in the prayers and Adoration when Pope Francis gave the Urbi et Orbi blessing.  You can read the whole transcript HERE.

We are trying to view our situation as a time of being cloistered -- for prayer, for worship, for study.  I think we're settling into a routine and feeling a little less antsy.  People are so resilient.  We can adapt to a lot.  If we feel like cabin fever is setting in, we get up and walk around the garden for some fresh air.  Of course, I know that if one is afflicted with this virus, he or she will not be experiencing the lockdown like we are.  We keep everyone in our daily prayers -- like the Pope has asked us to, we are praying for the world.

Of course, it is only the end of the first week.  Who knows what lies ahead.  What we do know is Whose hands we are in.  That is all the comfort and strength we need for now.

Blessings of peace to you all.  Stay safe and well.

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