19 April 2020


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Christ is Risen!

We are now on Day 25 of the coronavirus lockdown here in the UK.  Lockdown has been extended another three weeks.  How strange life has become!  Ian is home every day; we cannot go anywhere, even though the weather is breaking and the sun is shining; churches are closed...and yet...and yet, all around the world, the faithful are delving deeper into the Faith.  I have heard absurd proclamations by various secular / atheist people in high profiles stating that they are the ones making the difference in slowing down this pandemic and not God.
The fool says in his heart, "There is no God."  They are corrupt; they do abominable deeds, there is none that does good. ~Psalm 14:1
These are the same people who claimed Easter was "cancelled" this year.  The arrogance in this world today is astounding!

I have been pondering the message in Fr Grunow's homily the other day, part of which was this:

One thing going on in our little town is the Bear Hunt.  The local primary school has asked residents to put bears in their windows for the children to find while they are out getting their "one time of daily exercise" and keeping to social distancing rules.  Friday was the big day, but folks are keeping the bears, along with the rainbows which are all over the place, to help brighten spirits and remind us of hope.

Our bear in the upstairs front window!

So, like many of us, we try (and mostly fail) to keep a routine, work to maintain a very active Domestic Church, try to do some DIY around the house, and get some quality reading and movie-watching in.

Which brings me to The Chosen.  Why am I just finding out about this amazing project?  We are both totally hooked, and cannot wait for Season Two!  I stumbled across this on Facebook, and I am so, SO glad I did.  If you have not seen it, drop everything and watch!  We don't have a TV, so we have been watching it on YouTube.  If you Google The Chosen you will come up with their website and YouTube channel immediately. 

[NOTE:  The Chosen photos obviously not mine; taken from Google]

I am often wary of any dramatized life of Christ, or any part of the Bible, for that matter.  THIS is a whole other story.  In my opinion, the artistic license takes nothing away from the Truth they are proclaiming.  For us, it has sparked lively and thoughtful conversations.

So, maybe during your forced isolation, you can revel in something truly beautiful and godly.  Go HERE for more information.

Meanwhile, stay safe and be well.  Go with God.

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