12 April 2020

From Darkness to Light

How do you put into words the whole of the Triduum?  Especially, how do you articulate the magnitude and the joy that comes during the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil?

What a Lent this has been!  We have done well with some things and done poorly with most.  Still...when the Light comes, it is magnificent!

Today we prepared for tomorrow's Easter Sunday celebration.  But we also stopped all throughout the day and took time for liturgical things, like this:

The Exposition of the Shroud of Turin, 
the Archbishop of Turin in veneration of the Shroud.

It was quite something to spend time just meditating on the shroud and contemplating the death and resurrection of Our Lord.  I have seen loads of pictures throughout the years, but never the actual shroud "live" as it were.

And after supper, we "went to Rome" and did this:

You can do this, too, by going to Vatican News online.

And around 10:30 tonight we did our own Paschal Vigil, complete with a Paschal candle and all the appropriate readings and prayers.  Ian used our kettle grill outside for our brazier, and we brought the new light in from that.  After lighting the Paschal candle, Ian could be heard far and wide from our back door, shouting, "The Light of Christ!"

 The house was dark, and the table prepared.  Our service was printed and ready.

 Ian is placing the incense pins, and the "brazier" is going.

 Our Paschal Candle (yes, sitting on top of the stove in the kitchen -- strapped for space here!)  The candle was also censed before we began.

 I lit the candle from the brazier and brought in the light.
Ian lit the Paschal Candle from it.

And our table was full of light and other joyful things by the end of our little service.  We also renewed our Baptismal vows as part of the service.

Tonight's Domestic Church ended with Day Two of the Divine Mercy Novena, and, since we're in Scotland -- a wee dram to celebrate.

Dear friends, if you want to TRULY celebrate and know the joy of the Resurrection and the Light of Christ, I cannot recommend this strongly enough:  READ THE PASCHAL HOMILY OF ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM.  Truly, it is probably my favourite thing about the Easter Vigil.  I always, and I mean ALWAYS, have goosebumps and tears by the end of it.  You can find it HERE, and various other places online.  

At long last, we can say:

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