09 April 2020

Into Triduum...

Can we even believe we are this close to Easter?  I am sure we would all say this is one of the strangest Lents ever -- but in some mysterious ways, also one of the best.

For us, it has turned into a total hermit-in-the-desert / cloistered monastic experience.  We have struggled with some most of the outward expressions of penitence and denial, but--oh my goodness!-- the inward life of prayer has increased exponentially, and so has our devotional life.  It has been a real joy to "attend" daily Masses online, especially since we were never privy to them here.  We live in a fairly remote area with few churches and tiny congregations. (I shall refrain from a "Scotland is an anti-clerical, anti-Christian, secular, dark place" rant for now.)

As Triduum arrives, we have the following "lockdown" devotions planned:

  • Maundy Thursday = online Mass of the Last Supper from our diocesan cathedral, foot-washing, virtual Seven Churches Visitation, Stations of the Cross
  • Good Friday = 3:00 PM Mass from Carfin Grotto, Liturgy of the Passion with the Adoration of the Cross from St Peter's Basilica, and Stations of the Cross from St Peter's Square
  • Holy Saturday = Special prayer with the Shroud of Turin, the Pascal Vigil from St Peter's Basilica, and our own prayers and devotions with our Easter candle

You can find tons of resources online now to help Christians stay faithful during the pandemic.  Some of the ones we used:
In addition, we are placing a picture of a crucifix in our window tomorrow, a candle in the window on Holy Saturday, and we shall see (!!) what we put there on Easter Sunday.

Praise God there are so many resources and so many churches and communities who have taken the time and energy to put them together, along with online services and Masses.  In some ways, the Church is more active now than it has been.

Meanwhile, we are still under lockdown, with no signs of it lifting soon.  The statistics for the UK are quite grim.  We stay in almost exclusively now, except trips to feed our Shermy.  Everyone is watching to see how the Prime Minister is faring.  The government has expressed worries that people will break the rules over the Easter weekend, mainly because our weather is expected to be good (not that common here!).  I hope and pray people stick with these rules and do what they can to help us all to overcome this.

We have also been watching some really good Christian / Catholic movies on YouTube or Amazon.  We have taken away much inspiration and have had many good conversations around them.  Whatever we do, we're trying NOT to waste this precious time.

Be well and safe.  Pax et bonum!

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