06 April 2020

More Signs of Spring = HOPE

We were blessed to spend part of Palm Sunday out in nature.  No one is meant to just spend time out away from home right now while we are under lockdown.  However, we have an animal to feed, and the bonus to that is we can spend time -- AWAY FROM PEOPLE, so no virus transmitting going on -- in the fresh air and with our Shermy.

 Shermy poses.

 All dignity is gone when cookies are on offer!

 Shermy's number one weakness!

He will do just about anything for a cookie!

It is hard going when the government is telling us to stay inside our homes.  They aren't just kidding, either.  The news today was full of a government health official who had left her main home and travelled 45 miles to her second home, which was out in the country.  (Personally, I think far too much was made of it.)  I think the government was using this as a lesson:  STAY HOME.  Which, of course, we do.  Except when we go to feed Shermy.

Believe me, we see our trips to Shermy's field for the blessings that they are.  Just to hear the birds and see the flowers coming into blossom and scritch a woolly sheep and sit on the grass -- after a dark, dreary winter, and now in the midst of a pandemic -- is bliss.  And, we both feel a bit closer to God when we're in the midst of his natural world.  I'm sure most people feel this way, which is another reason the lockdown is so hard.  

The farmers are not on lockdown!
Shermy's favourite field has been ploughed under!

Hopefully, people will at least be able to open their windows, or sit in their backyard (two metres away from anyone), and at least see the sky and hear the birds.  Now is the time for us to really savour the simple joys.

Now is especially the time to use the enforced peace and solitude to rest in Christ.  For anyone not suffering with the virus, or exhausted from caring for those who are, this is precious time to spend in prayer and meditation.  Let's not waste it.  This is a reminder for myself especially.

May we all be at peace with God in the midst of this trial.  Holy Week is here, my friends.  Go deeper.  Ponder the Mystery. 

Glory to God for all things!

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Barbara said...

Beautiful post and photos, Stacey. Yes, this is the ideal time to quiet ourselves and press into our Lord, listening for what He wants us to learn through this unique time in our lives.

I am envious that you have Shermy. I've read about sheep and the many spiritual applications that can be made regarding them and their ways with respect to their shepherd. I'd love to get to know a sheep up close and personal.

Blessings to you!