05 May 2020


I have been absent quite a bit over the past few weeks, I know.  My dear husband has been home from work, due to the UK lockdown, for SIX WEEKS!  And I have loved having him here (times of getting under foot notwithstanding).  Today he returned to work:  accompanied by mask, gloves, thermos (rather than the communal kettle), prayers, and the expectation of everything being vastly different than it was before.  I have been stressed and worried about his going back, but it had to happen, and all we can do at this point is be as wise as possible, and take every precaution.

Meanwhile, during these past six weeks, we have grown closer after often being consummed in daily life with more worldly things, and have deepened our prayer and faith life exponentially.  Now, I am praying that this deepened faith will continue on with us, and we will not backslide or become lackadaisical.  It has truly been a cloistered life for us.  I do not venture out much at all, due to a compromised autoimmune / immune system -- although I do go to see Shermy!  Ian has only gone briefly into the grocery store from time to time, with mask and gloves.  In many ways, it has been very good.  I can say this because we are relatively healthy, I know.  In no way do I make light of the current situation.  Coronavirus is extremely serious:  deadly serious.  In spite of what I have heard and read many stupider people say, cavalierly. 

Also during this time, we have somehow been blessed with incredible, sunny, dry weather here in the North of Scotland.  This is not the norm, I assure you!  So, we have been outside in our fenced in front and back gardens, working like beavers.  I have painted miles of fencing, and Ian has done an enormous amount of building, repairing, and moving of things.  Our back garden is finally, after two years of our being in this house, starting to look decent and be usable!  And my husband has grown a "lockdown beard"!

It is the month of May:  the month of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  We are especially aware of her and seek to honour her daily here in our little domestic church.  One thing everyone can do:  pray the rosary every day!  There is also a wonderful daily devotion / prayer time on the Hozana app called My Month with Mary.  I can recommend this, and it's never too late to jump in!

Finally, I am contemplating a small torrent of posts which I anticipate will be controversial.  So be it.  I have not had access to the outlet of my blog for a few weeks, and I feel like my head will explode!  Stay tuned for my musings, if you are interested.  And if not, that is fine.  At least I will alleviate the pressure in my head!

Stay safe and well, my friends.  Be prudent and wise.  Go with God.

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