06 May 2020


I am jumping in with some thoughts on things I have seen around the world during this pandemic.  At the same time, I am making every effort to keep focused on Christ.

Mostly, I write to make sense of things in my own life.  You are not required to believe as I do, nor are you required to respond at all -- especially if you cannot be friendly.  I think I shall start with a disclaimer:

This is my blog and my views.  You are very welcome here, but not if you are trolling or looking to bait me or argue with me.  If I am far away from your own beliefs, and you just can't stand it, please move on to someone else's blog.  I am not a professional blogger, and I do not enjoy arguing.  Nevertheless, from time to time, I will post things that are on my heart and which may be offensive to others.  I am as entitled to my opinion as anyone else; however, everyone else is not necessarily entitled to have their comments posted on my blog!  Having said that, I have always enjoyed the friendships I have made via the blogging world, and I'm pretty sure you all are lovely, friendly people!  So, welcome!

Here are some things I am pondering at the moment:

  • The politics that have emerged during this pandemic
  • The selfishness that has emerged during this pandemic--AND ALSO--the selflessness
  • The superfluous news that has accompanied this pandemic
  • The persistent attitude by some that this virus isn't as serious as we all say it is
  • The elevation of some political figures as gods
  • The Higher Committee for Human Fraternity
  • The issue of "my rights", especially in the churches
  • The anti-Mary
  • The "I'm okay, you're okay" pablum that has crept into the church and which is constantly circulating on Facebook
I wonder what else will crop up from all of this pondering?  I would love, also, to hear what you are thinking about during these difficult days.  It has been much quieter at our house, and quite conducive to bouts of musing.  

Stay tuned!

Go well with God.  Pax et bonum!

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Dear Stacey, first of all, thank you for the comments you have made about my photos of your homeland -- before you relocated to Scotland!!! I'm glad they give you pleasure. I, on the other hand, think your part of the world looks pretty interesting!

As for the COVID subject, we certainly have seen a wide range of opinions, fears, and strong emotions over the past weeks and it's not been pretty! I have been verbally attacked a couple of times and have had to learn to let the Lord deal with their ugliness because I can't change them. Vengeance belongs to the Lord, as His Word tells us.

Beyond that, I just do the best I can in good conscience and try to stay out of the fray. Getting too caught up in the TV news reports is detrimental to my peace. I'm thankful to have my cross stitch and a lot of good preachers to listen to.

Blessings on you and yours.