18 May 2020

Lockdown: Day 56

First Minister of Scotland vs. Prime Minister

I think I will talk about this lockdown for right now.  Here in Scotland, it is Day 56; although, I have read just in today's news that the First Minister is planning on easing the lockdown by the end of this month, and apparently later this week we shall know more particulars. 

At the same time, that self-serving Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, has already eased lockdown in England, which of COURSE has resulted in crowds of people:  in the Tube, at the national parks, along the beaches, and...BONUS...the rest of us in Wales and Scotland are left worried about the crowds of people who will try to flock here.  The two countries have repeatedly issued warnings NOT to come to Scotland or Wales right now; to wait until things have improved.  Nevertheless, there are countless people who have flouted the lockdown rules, and now that they are eased in England, really don't seem to care about anyone but themselves and their own holiday pursuits.  The irony is that Boris Johnson was near death with this virus himself.  What a short memory he has.  

Clapping, I presume.  UGH UGH UGH.

It would behoove the UK to remember, too, that the number of cases here and the death toll both are abnormally high for the size of this country.  Analysts have all kinds of theories:  severe deprivation (yep, we have HUGE pockets of embarrassingly poor people in crap housing); people living too close together; in Scotland they are saying the population is older and generally not healthy.  I would agree with this totally:  the lifestyle in the UK and especially in Scotland, where heavy smoking and drinking are prevalent, compounded by fried foods on a regular basis, and sicky sweet things of all kinds, has led to a VERY unhealthy population.  And my personal opinion:  hygiene is appalling here.  It's as if some people still think water will hurt them!  So the idea of washing one's hands regularly and keeping clean is a very foreign concept to a lot of people in this country.  God help us. 

As elsewhere in the world, there is a division between those who are doing their best to stick to the lockdown rules, and those who just couldn't care less.  As is always the way, the people who try to do right will be the ones who suffer.

Now would be a good time to mention the 11,000 mile journey that idiot author Neil Gaiman took to reach the Isle of Skye from New Zealand so he could "isolate" and get away from family problems.  Are you kidding me?  What kind of elistist, self-serving, moron is this?  My opinion:  throw him in a jail cell.  He can have plenty of alone time there!

Photo credit:  Helensburgh Advertiser

Also appalling here:  the horrific death toll in the "care homes" (nursing homes) amongst the elderly.  My heart just aches for these people.  It must be so very scary with family being unable to visit, everyone around them in masks, and very possibly dying alone and afraid.

And, let it not be forgotten that the NHS had a dry run in 2017 to see whether it would be able to handle a pandemic.  It failed miserably.  And then did NOTHING to fix the problems and be prepared.  

However, there have also been enormous shows of charity and selflessness, with many, many people doing all they can to help, whether it is checking in on someone who is isolate, bring groceries in, or raising money.

Albeit, "Clap for the NHS" is not one of those acts of charity.  In my opinion, it is just plain stupid, and it has brought many, many people in such close proximity that social distancing rules are completely out the window.  Frankly, if I were a person in the NHS, working hard and seeing the truth of this virus and how devastating it can be, I would be really offended by the namby-pamby stand-on-your-doorstep-every-Thursday-night-and-clap mentality.  What earthly good?  It's like living amongst a pack of trained seals every Thursday at 8:00 PM, with the added annoying feature in Scotland of bagpipes droning.  Sigh.

I warned that some of my posts right now would be controversial.  This is my rant about the state of the UK at the moment.  There are many good things going on, as well, and I will write about those, too.

Meanwhile, stay safe and well.  Be patient.  Trust God.

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