19 May 2020

Well, I Have to Say It...

The Higher Committee for Human Fraternity.

It sorta smacks of some Communist slogan, doesn't it?

I had to investigate this because Pope Francis encouraged everyone to pray together on the 14th of May, for an end to the pandemic.  Of course, this is a noble thing.  Except... it goes against the belief AND doctrine of most Christians to pray with people of other faiths.  Yes, we should respect all people.  But actually praying with them is completely counter to the truth of the faith.  Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and any other "faith" which denies outright the divinty of Christ is an enemy of the Christian faith. 

Now don't get riled.  This doesn't mean that Christians don't get along with people of all or no faiths.  We take people at face value.  It is Christian to honour and respect people, and all life.  

However, it is NOT Christian to pray with people who are NOT praying to the same God, and who deny Christ.  It really is that simple.  And although it is not my place to question the Holy Father, I find myself questioning the Holy Father.  

This is a quote taken from the organization's website:
As the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity internation activities progress, its membership will expand to include leaders of other faiths, denomination and beliefs.  The Higher Committee aspires to undertake complex challenges facing communities of all faiths, with an approach of openness, learning and dialogue.  The committee is currently in the early stages of its formation, establishing the groundwork for its future activities.
On the surface, it sounds kind of okay.  But I didn't have to scratch very deep to pretty much be creeped out by this.  To me, it sounds like the building blocks of a One World Religion, and THAT is not good. 

The Christian Faith, and especially the Catholic and Orthodox faiths, are VERY specific about beliefs and practices.  This committee goes completely against them. 

I pray every day, in myriad ways.  I did NOT pray in union with this organization or the Pope on May 14th.

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