19 June 2020

Pride Goes Before a Fall

Would someone like to explain to me what is happening in this world?  I am still overwhelmed with the insanity that I see all around me.  I cannot speak about most of the world, but I can definitely speak about the US and the UK, and Western Europe.  

Everywhere I look, I see signs of madness:  People having literally lost their minds (I am constantly reminded of the Gadarene demoniac here), and running to and fro, trying to tell the rest of us that evil is good and good is evil.  Christians have been warned about this, many times over.  We KNOW this is going to happen, and in fact, has happened repeatedly in history.  But it is always shocking, I think.

Today, I was doing my online grocery order at Asda (a subsidiary of WalMart, for those who don't know), and I suddenly realised that the ASDA logo at the top of the page was rainbow coloured.  Sigh.  I hovered over it, already knowing what it was:  "PRIDE" it said.  Shortly thereafter, I was on the Argos website looking for a lamp.  And I realise, the ARGOS logo at the top of the page is rainbow coloured.  

So, I look it up in the news, to try to get a handle on what is going on.  Mercifully, I had somehow not realised that June is "pride"month (fill in the blank for whatever LBGT initial you happen to be, I guess).  I found a HUGE list of companies in the UK who are not only supporting LBGT whatever, whatever, stupid, stupid, stupid -- but they are also donating money to these people.  For crying out loud!  What on earth is there to be proud of?  And let us not forget:  Pride does indeed go before a fall.  ALL of humanity's sins can be traced back to pride, starting with the fall of Lucifer and the episode in the Garden.  

The silent majority -- or maybe we really are just the silent and too trusting minority now -- has been silent for too long.  These "pride" people can scream and yell in your face (whether we're talking BLM or gay pride, it all comes down to the same thing -- evil), and we are supposed to just acquiesce and tolerate things?  No.  NO NO NO.  I will not engage, nor will I scream and yell, and I will not attack any single person.  BUT... I spend money, too, and I WILL boycott the "pride" businesses.  When have they ever done anything for me, other than take my money?  I have had enough.

Here is the list:
  • Zenni
  • Fabletics
  • Banana Republic
  • Adidas
  • Doc Martens
  • Apple
  • Asda
  • Argos
  • Converse
  • ASOS
  • NIke
  • Bonobos
  • Sephora
  • Diesel
  • Visa
  • Charles Schwab
  • Uber
  • Ikea
  • Microsoft
  • Paypal
  • Coca Cola
  • Gap
  • HP
  • Harry's
  • Absolut
  • Disney
  • Starbucks
  • Lush
  • Listerine
  • Reebok
  • Calvin Klein
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Levis
  • H&M
  • Target
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Smirnoff
  • Megabus
  • Sperry
  • Fossil
  • Macy's
  • T-Mobile
  • TopShop
This is by no means an exhaustive list.  What in the world are we coming to?  And don't tell me that this is an indication of everyone becoming friendlier and more inclusive.  I don't buy that for a minute.  The people supporting this perversion are definitely NOT inclusive of me or people like me.  In fact, they are often quite aggressive and abusive, and love to tell us how stupid we are.  So I repeat, what is there to be proud of?  That you've fallen so far off the track that you can't even tell right from wrong? 

I am over it.  And I am not silent.  Even if I stand alone, I will not be silent when I see things which are abberations and are abhorent, and are steam-rollering right over the top of us.  

Even my little list is pretty extensive.  It makes you think, doesn't it?   If one is not vigilant, all things evil seep in through tiniest little cracks in covert ways until, before you know it, all of society has been changed and evil is dominant.  Look around you.  It should be obvious.

17 June 2020


I want to write about everyday, mundane things:  we are renovating our kitchen; we got our Shermy clipped for the summer (always an ordeal); we just had our 13th wedding anniversary.  I want to write about these things, but I can't.

How can I talk about the simple, good things when all around me I am seeing evil unleashed like never before in my lifetime.  I feel like I would be burying my head in the sand if I focused on these kinds of things.  At the same time, I know that as a Christian, I probably should focus on these things.  Where does one draw the line between being prepared, wise, and informed, and being at peace?  I know one thing for sure:  peace ONLY comes from God and NOWHERE else.

I just want to say these things, and maybe I will be able to move on in my next post:
  • The same namby-pamby young people who have been sitting in the lotus position, claiming they want peace, and spouting their "can't we all just get along" mantra are now the ones most confrontational and violent today.  So how did all that mindfulness-you're-okay-I'm-okay crap work out for them?
  • If you do not worship the Truth, you worship evil.  Yes, it actually is that black and white.  
  • What is going on in the world right now is a spiritual battle, and Christians, we are falling down on the job.
  • "Political correctness" is garbage.  Correct for whom?
  • BLM is not about ANYTHING even remotely life-affirming or life-giving.  It is a terrorist organisation whose goal is to destroy the fabric of a moral society.
  • Apparently not ALL black lives matter, because the BLM movement encourages abortions, especially for black women.
  • It is not a coincidence that this move towards anarchy is coming on the heels of Covid-19.
  • The governments of the US and the UK are using Covid-19 as an excuse to persecute the Church.  You can go to a shopping mall, ride a train, get on a plane, sit on a bus, and go to the movies -- but you can't go to Church?
  • Low-level and persistent persecution of Christians has been going on in the UK ever since I got here, and that was back in 2007.  Christians:  WAKE UP!  The government is forming legislation that will categorize the teachings of the Church as "hate crimes".  Scotland is in the forefront with this.
  • Many of the priests and hierarchy are complicit with persecution, at the very least by their silence, but also by aligning themselves with watered-down versions of the Faith, by aligning themselves with divisive and terrorist groups, and by doing such weak-minded, limp-wristed things as renouncing their heritage and pasts and, in a blaze of virtue-signalling, stating things like "I pray that those of us who are white Christians repent of our own prejudices, and do the work of becoming better allies of our brothers and sisters of colour." (Justin Welby on Twitter).  GIVE. ME. A. BREAK.  Are you telling me that black people have no prejudices?  Come on, people.  Use your brains.  And, if you believe even the tiniest bit in revelations like Fatima, you know it will NOT be the clergy or hierarchy who save the Faith.  It will be the laity.  Many of the clergy and hierarchy are already on the road to perdition.  And no, I do not agree with the Pope's "no borders" mentality, either.  
  • Chaz?  Or Chop.  Or whatever the heck stupid name you have given yourselves:  if you are seceding from the Union, then I guess you don't need any state support, money, or economy of any kind.  You no longer deserve the privileges of an American life.  And since you happen to be on American soil (essentially, you have invaded it), then America has the right to bomb the hell out of you, and oust your regime.  Brace yourselves.
  • We are in dire, dire times, my friends.  Empires are on the verge of toppling.  Christians are too complacent.  People in general are too eager to reclaim their previous, ordered (I use that term loosely) lives.  And this is not going to happen.  

So what do we do?  It seems, from my own point of view, that what started in America has spread like wildfire around the western world, and that a veritable torrent of evil has been unleashed.  It is as if the demons and demoniacs have been given the green light.  The world has lost its collective mind.

Christians, what can we do?  Well, ultimately, we can pray and fast, and place our trust in Christ.  The Faith is very clear -- there will be an end time, and it will not be pretty.  Is it now?  Who knows?  Jesus admonishes us not to try to determine when.  He also admonishes us to have oil for our lamps, and to be watchful.  Do not engage with evil, and do not use its weapons.  Pray, people.  Pray like crazy.  And trust in God.

Here's hoping I have a more "normal" post next time!

10 June 2020

In Case You Missed It...

I had to share this in case you haven't seen or heard it yet.  A brave young priest, saying what needs to be said.  This complete insanity and the anything-but-peaceful BLM movement have to be stopped. Please consider:

If you can't see the embedded video (which I think is happening with mobile devices), CLICK HERE.

I do think he is courageous.  I cannot imagine the backlash he will receive.  May God bless and protect him.

The world has gone mad, my friends.  Do not join this madness.

Pax Christi.

08 June 2020

A Right Christian Response

THIS right here is so misguided, it is appalling.
THIS is desecration of the Holy Cross of Christ

There is nothing about the riots and protests in the western world right now that signifies a Christian of any stripe to "stand in solidarity" with it.  Consider this, instead:

From Psalm 30 (31)

How many are the pleasures, Lord,
that you have stored up for those who fear you.
You have made these things ready for those who trust in you,
to give them in the sight of all men.
Far away from the plottings of men
you hide them in your secret place.
You keep them safe in your dwelling-place
far from lying tongues. 

Blessed be the Lord,
for he has shown me his wonderful kindness
within the fortified city.
In my terror, I said
"I am cut off from your sight";
but you heard the voice of my prayer
when I called to you.

Love the Lord, all his chosen ones.
The Lord keeps his faithful ones safe,
heaps rich revenge on the arrogant.
Be brave, let your hearts be strong,
all who trust in the Lord.
Emphasis mine, obviously. 

Those of us who have our hope in the Lord recognize what is going on in the world right now.  Chaos and confusion, destruction and hatred, rampaging insanity -- these things all come from the devil.  They will in no way ever avail anything good.  Riot, loot, and steal.  What has that to do with God?  Christians should NOT involve themselves in any of these behaviours, nor should they be standing about with signs, or yelling and screaming, or "re-enacting" anything.  

NO. NO. NO.  We do NOT align ourselves
with any form of evil.  These people
should be ashamed.

Those Christians who ARE doing these things:  do they not see that they are wallowing in the pigsty?  The "yard-sign" mentality and virtual signalling so rampant in our culture today is stupid and self-serving.  Instead of all this temper-tantrum behaviour, and holier-than-thou nonsense with signs and banners, try living your life for others rather than your own little selves.  As well, we must not worship anyone or ANYTHING but God.  We must NEVER engage with evil on its own level.  Trying to overcome any form of evil with another form of evil is lunacy.  We should expect this from people who do not know God, but from those who identify as Christians?  Never!  I am appalled when I see what is happening around the western world and the number of people who claim to be Christians jumping into the fray and behaving badly.  How DARE our priests, ministers, and religious "take a knee" for anyone but God?

What is happening now is what happens when people have no God.  When one turns away from God, he will worship anything.  And today, that "anything" happens to be a man who was a thug and a criminal.  Drape it in whatever you will, but the Truth will eventually win out.  Eventually, everything done in the dark will come to light.

Another blatantly apparent thing is the fact of the immense watering-down of the True Faith.  Look around.  Are Christians living any differently than those who are in and of the world?  Some, maybe; but not a lot.

There is a great darkness sweeping over the western world right now, and Christians should stay far from it -- keeping sane and hopeful and faithful.  Do not sully yourselves with this hideous stain of sin and call it righteousness.  There is nothing righteous or good in any of these destructive, violent, misguided, evil actions.  

Return to the Light, my friends.  Men have gone mad, and we who don't "take a knee", loot, steal, vandalize, destroy, scream our fool heads off, are the ones who are being attacked.  Prepare yourselves.  The Church is next...

06 June 2020

Most People Are Wrong

This right here is what is wrong.  Most of the Western world is mired in this thought, and it is so absurd it beggars belief.  But there it is.  And look at us now.  As a famous television psychologist likes to say:  How's that working for you?  Not well, obviously.

Whatever pluralistic philosphies and mindsets people today want to adapt in order to justify their lifestyles, the truth of the matter is this:  Most people are wrong.  

How can I say this?  Well, I believe it's true for virtually everyone, regardless of their affiliations (race, religion, credo, etc.).  Not one of us has the mind of God.

Hand in hand with this idea is this:  You can believe in whatever you want.  The moon is made of green cheese; the earth is flat; and there is no God.  Whatever YOU happen to believe does not, in any way, change the Truth.

Go ahead and glom onto whatever fads and trends and politically-correct bandwagons are passing by.  But if you're wrong, you're wrong.  This goes for all of us.  Right and wrong, contrary to the pablum Western cultures try to feed us, are NOT relative or subjective.  When you believe that they are, you are reduced to anarchy.  Oh, wait...

Whatever politically-correct ideology you want to spout, what is going on in America right now is WRONG.  There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that can justify rioting, looting, destruction, and protesting to this degree.  Evil is evil, whoever is perpetrating it.  

The police officer who killed George Floyd was acting out evil.  George Floyd was acting out evil.  The rioters, looters, and many of the protesters are acting out evil.  The churchmen who are "taking a knee" in solidarity with evil are, themselves, acting out evil.  

Think, man!  Wake up.  We must think for ourselves.  And we must, MUST realise this:
  • WE are not right; we don't have the minds of God.  If we did, God would not have had to break into our physical world with a Saviour.
  • WE cannot save ourselves.  We can believe what we want, but all we have to do is look at history to see that this is an impossibility.
  • WE will destroy ourselves through pride, unless we change.
  • Rioting, looting, protesting, and committing violence in NO WAY point to anything good, true, or beautiful.  WE are deluding ourselves if we think we can arrive at Truth in this manner.
My beloved America, you are enveloped in chaos and darkness right now.  Don't "take a knee" for anyone but God.  Don't follow this crowd.  It will lead to spiritual death.

Lord, have mercy on America.

George Floyd is NOT a Martyr

I would love to be able to drop this issue, but I can't.  I see more and more articles and news items waving the anti-racism banner to the exclusion of all else.  Worse, I see many people, especially Christians, who seem to have turned a blind eye to the truth behind this story.  

Again, I say, what drove these police officers to this act of violence?  Desperation?  Fear?  Overwhelm and overwork?  What?  

Read THIS ARTICLE if you want to hear bit more on what kind of person George Floyd was and what the police in Minneapolis have been dealing with.

Of course, Bob Kroll has been roundly criticized.  But is that all justified?  Why do we choose to gloss over the fact that this man, George Floyd, was a criminal?  He had a history of violent crime and jail time.  Just because he was killed in a terrible way --and again, for those who are getting all riled up over my opinions, I do NOT condone what happened-- does NOT automatically make him a martyr.  In no way was he living as a Christian, and all evidence points to someone who had the habit of TAKING what he wanted, not EARNING it.  

But then, what is REALLY happening here?  There is a totally different agenda, and it is using the racism card as a means to an end.  What are the protesters / rioters / looters really trying to do?  They are trying to bring down a society which they feel has not given them enough handouts.  They are incapable of dialogue and non-violent change.  They are trying to destroy a country.  There are people from all over the world now involved in this.  All that is ultimately happening now is ANARCHY, and this to the detriment of everyone.  If the anarchists think that they will be able to create a "better" society, I fear they have a very rude awakening in store for them.  

Lord, have mercy on America.  Even more, have mercy on all those who have been duped by the media and the pack-of-dogs mentality currently running the show.

05 June 2020

Well Done, America :: NOT

My heart breaks for the country that once was.  The country that was founded on morals and values and decency.  The country of my birth, which will always be in my blood.  The country that overcame wars and divisions.  The country that birthed The Greatest Generation -- my parents' generation.  And yes, they were indeed the greatest generation.  Nothing that has come after them, my own generation included, has come even close to theirs for faith, values, patriotism, decency, morals, and ability.

Now, the country is imploding before my very eyes.  My father, who fought in World War II, and my mother, who lost a brother to the fighting in World War II, would wonder what it was all for.  In fact, even before he died, in 2008, he was beginning to wonder what it was all for.  Why he sacrificed part of his life for a bunch of whiny, self-entitled, immature brats who couldn't hold a job or be bothered to do anything for anyone besides themselves.  

And this is what I see now:  these selfsame people my father was talking about, in the guise of the "intellectual elite", people in their twenties and thirties who have had virtually everything handed to them, a huge majority of people who want the American life, but at the same time denigrate it, politicians of every stripe (but let's be honest, it is primarily Democrats), and possibly worst of all, people who identify as Christians but who are on this destructive bandwagon of protests, rioting, looting, and outright anarchy.

The irony is so appalling, one cannot even laugh at it.  For example, my sister and her husband were walking down the sidewalk in their town when a carload of young women drove past them, yelling out the window at them:  White elitists!  The women themselves were in a brand new SUV, and were white themselves.  What kind of madness is this?  The behaviour is appalling by any standards, and completely demonic.

And now, across the nation, politicians and leaders are calling for the defunding and "dismantling" of the police?  Perfect.  Anarchy has almost completely won.  Of course, what will happen now is anybody's guess, since the people fueling this display of insanity do not have enough brain cells among themselves to find their way out of a paper bag, never mind running a country.  

America, you do realise, don't you, that the whole world is watching, and that many people are as horrified and disgusted as I am?  The Middle Eastern and Far Eastern nations are just about salivating, telling their citizens via their own news media that America is falling.  Their words, not mine.  And yes, the Pope has joined in with the whole anti-racist point of view -- and OF COURSE RACISM IS BAD AND SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED, but this is NO LONGER about racism -- but vehemently denounces this violence.  

America is NOT great.  Not when the whole world is watching with baited breath, and much of the world is hoping America will fall.  

Wake up!  Arise and put down this rebellion before it is too late!

I cannot pray for God to bless America.  Bless what, exactly?  I will pray fervently for God to intervene and have mercy on America.  My homeland.  Land that I love.  Land that I am now weeping for.

04 June 2020

Light But Not Yet Bright

I have been musing over the Church's response to various global issues lately, and especially what has been happening in America.  We have a tendancy, I think, to view the Church very harshly.  As though we expect it to behave in an otherwordly way, completely sanctified and holy at all times.  The world seems to think that everyone affiliated with the Church should be completely blameless and without sin.  This is a grievous misunderstanding of Christ's mystical body.  The world also seems to think that the judgment it applies to the Church is its right, and that it needs not apply the same standard to itself.  Well, I can't, and don't want to speak for the world; but I love the Church, and will defend it whenever I can.

A portion of today's Office of Readings really spoke to my heart about this.  It should give us all hope:
Dawn, or first light, proclaims that the night is over but does not yet manifest the full brightness of the day.  It dispels night, it gives a beginning to the day, but still it is a mixture of light and darkness.  All of us who follow the truth in this life, are we not exactly like the dawn?  Some of the things we do are truly works of the light, but others are not entirely free from the remnants of darkness.  No man is virtuous before you, says the psalmist, and again Scripture says we have all done wrong in many ways.
This is why Paul does not say, "the night has passed and day has come," but night has passed and day is approaching, showing beyond doubt that he is still in the dawn, after the end of darkness but still before the rising of the sun.
The Church of the elect will be fully day only when the darkness of sin is no longer mixed in with it.  It will be fully day only when it shines with the perfect warmth of a light that comes from within.  God shows that we are still going through this dawn when he says to Job, Have you ever sent the dawn to its post?  Something that is being sent somewhere is being sent from one place to another.  What is the destined place of the dawn if not the perfect brightness of the eternal vision?  And when it has reached its place, will it still have any of the darkness of the night that has passed?  The dawn was intent on reaching its destined place when the psalmist said My soul thirsts for the living God; when shall I appear before the face of  God?  The dawn was hurrying to the place it knew to be its destiny when Paul said that he wanted to die and to be with Christ, and when he said For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain. 
[From The Moral Reflections on Job by Pope St Gregory the Great]

Let's keep aiming for the Light!

03 June 2020

No Black Screen

Although I live in Scotland and have done for 13 years, I am an American born and bred, and I lived in my homeland for 43 years.  I cannot keep silent about what is going on in America now.

CLARIFICATION:  ALL lives matter.  Duh.  What kind of stupid statement is that, anyway?  This is stating the obvious, and most people probably believe this, without having a sign shoved in their faces.  Violence is wrong and so is police brutality.  The following post assumes these premises.  But there is more to this story...

What is happening in America right now has very little to do with racism, and people are ignorant if they think that is the sole issue.  And let us not forget that racism wears many colours.  This is simply anarchy.  Angry people, angry over all kinds of things, run amok.  So much so that they somehow justify in their tiny little minds the importing of "professional" protestors and anarchists, the destruction of others' property, the burning of cities, the vandalism of churches, and the irrational BLAMING of everyone and everything for their own particular state in life, whatever that may be.  

Take a good look at this photo.  What are these people even doing, and what on earth do they hope to gain by it?

For those hanging onto the coattails of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., let me say this:  Dr King would be appalled and disgusted at all this violence and destruction.  So please, don't align yourselves with someone like that.  

Skin colour is not the issue here.  First of all, I have never met a "black" person, nor have I met a "white" person.  I have friends of all different colours, but none of them is black or white.  Skin colour has nothing to do with the state of one's heart.

This issue has so many facets, it would take pages and pages to address them:  racism to a degree, but also the results of living in a culture of self-determinism, a culture without absolutes (therefore, no morals), a culture of entitlement, a culture of whiny don't-hurt-my-feelings babyish behaviour, a culture which supports, finances and glorifies street thug / drug dealer mentality, a culture of total ingratitude -- especially by those who are receiving the most handouts, and on and on.  

What happened to this man, Mr Floyd, is, of course, despicable.  But let me ask you this:  what happened to the police officer who was driven to this?  And, while there are many Christians out with the protesters waving their signs and banners in our faces, why are they not praying for the man who, for whatever reason, committed this act of brutality?  What is HIS story?  For that matter, what is George Floyd's story?  Does anyone care that he had a criminal record?  Does anyone consider that he may have not cooperated with the police in the remotest degree?  I am not excusing, by any means, what happened.  But I have questions.

How many American police officers face endless abuse by criminal elements?  How many police officers have been killed?  Why no outrage over that?

Also, look at the chart below:

WHY NO OUTRAGE OVER THOSE STATISTICS?  This response that has taken place / is taking place in America is completely out of proportion and frankly, insane.  Many, many years ago, my mother used to say:  America doesn't need to worry about enemies from without; it will destroy itself from within.  How prophetic.

There IS an answer, but the hearts of many have become darkened:

Finally, don't spend your time and energy waving signs and banners, "standing in solidarity with" whatever, whatever, by posting your stupid black screens.  If you really want change, DO something productive and constructive -- not destructive and barbaric.  The behaviour by those who are rioting and many who are protesting is nothing less than demonic.  Satan in a deceiver and a divider.  He is having a field day in America right now.  

No black screens!  Black is the absence of Light.  I will never align myself with darkness.  

For all those of us who are trying to live our Christian faith, I leave you with this: