08 June 2020

A Right Christian Response

THIS right here is so misguided, it is appalling.
THIS is desecration of the Holy Cross of Christ

There is nothing about the riots and protests in the western world right now that signifies a Christian of any stripe to "stand in solidarity" with it.  Consider this, instead:

From Psalm 30 (31)

How many are the pleasures, Lord,
that you have stored up for those who fear you.
You have made these things ready for those who trust in you,
to give them in the sight of all men.
Far away from the plottings of men
you hide them in your secret place.
You keep them safe in your dwelling-place
far from lying tongues. 

Blessed be the Lord,
for he has shown me his wonderful kindness
within the fortified city.
In my terror, I said
"I am cut off from your sight";
but you heard the voice of my prayer
when I called to you.

Love the Lord, all his chosen ones.
The Lord keeps his faithful ones safe,
heaps rich revenge on the arrogant.
Be brave, let your hearts be strong,
all who trust in the Lord.
Emphasis mine, obviously. 

Those of us who have our hope in the Lord recognize what is going on in the world right now.  Chaos and confusion, destruction and hatred, rampaging insanity -- these things all come from the devil.  They will in no way ever avail anything good.  Riot, loot, and steal.  What has that to do with God?  Christians should NOT involve themselves in any of these behaviours, nor should they be standing about with signs, or yelling and screaming, or "re-enacting" anything.  

NO. NO. NO.  We do NOT align ourselves
with any form of evil.  These people
should be ashamed.

Those Christians who ARE doing these things:  do they not see that they are wallowing in the pigsty?  The "yard-sign" mentality and virtual signalling so rampant in our culture today is stupid and self-serving.  Instead of all this temper-tantrum behaviour, and holier-than-thou nonsense with signs and banners, try living your life for others rather than your own little selves.  As well, we must not worship anyone or ANYTHING but God.  We must NEVER engage with evil on its own level.  Trying to overcome any form of evil with another form of evil is lunacy.  We should expect this from people who do not know God, but from those who identify as Christians?  Never!  I am appalled when I see what is happening around the western world and the number of people who claim to be Christians jumping into the fray and behaving badly.  How DARE our priests, ministers, and religious "take a knee" for anyone but God?

What is happening now is what happens when people have no God.  When one turns away from God, he will worship anything.  And today, that "anything" happens to be a man who was a thug and a criminal.  Drape it in whatever you will, but the Truth will eventually win out.  Eventually, everything done in the dark will come to light.

Another blatantly apparent thing is the fact of the immense watering-down of the True Faith.  Look around.  Are Christians living any differently than those who are in and of the world?  Some, maybe; but not a lot.

There is a great darkness sweeping over the western world right now, and Christians should stay far from it -- keeping sane and hopeful and faithful.  Do not sully yourselves with this hideous stain of sin and call it righteousness.  There is nothing righteous or good in any of these destructive, violent, misguided, evil actions.  

Return to the Light, my friends.  Men have gone mad, and we who don't "take a knee", loot, steal, vandalize, destroy, scream our fool heads off, are the ones who are being attacked.  Prepare yourselves.  The Church is next...

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