06 June 2020

George Floyd is NOT a Martyr

I would love to be able to drop this issue, but I can't.  I see more and more articles and news items waving the anti-racism banner to the exclusion of all else.  Worse, I see many people, especially Christians, who seem to have turned a blind eye to the truth behind this story.  

Again, I say, what drove these police officers to this act of violence?  Desperation?  Fear?  Overwhelm and overwork?  What?  

Read THIS ARTICLE if you want to hear bit more on what kind of person George Floyd was and what the police in Minneapolis have been dealing with.

Of course, Bob Kroll has been roundly criticized.  But is that all justified?  Why do we choose to gloss over the fact that this man, George Floyd, was a criminal?  He had a history of violent crime and jail time.  Just because he was killed in a terrible way --and again, for those who are getting all riled up over my opinions, I do NOT condone what happened-- does NOT automatically make him a martyr.  In no way was he living as a Christian, and all evidence points to someone who had the habit of TAKING what he wanted, not EARNING it.  

But then, what is REALLY happening here?  There is a totally different agenda, and it is using the racism card as a means to an end.  What are the protesters / rioters / looters really trying to do?  They are trying to bring down a society which they feel has not given them enough handouts.  They are incapable of dialogue and non-violent change.  They are trying to destroy a country.  There are people from all over the world now involved in this.  All that is ultimately happening now is ANARCHY, and this to the detriment of everyone.  If the anarchists think that they will be able to create a "better" society, I fear they have a very rude awakening in store for them.  

Lord, have mercy on America.  Even more, have mercy on all those who have been duped by the media and the pack-of-dogs mentality currently running the show.

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