06 June 2020

Most People Are Wrong

This right here is what is wrong.  Most of the Western world is mired in this thought, and it is so absurd it beggars belief.  But there it is.  And look at us now.  As a famous television psychologist likes to say:  How's that working for you?  Not well, obviously.

Whatever pluralistic philosphies and mindsets people today want to adapt in order to justify their lifestyles, the truth of the matter is this:  Most people are wrong.  

How can I say this?  Well, I believe it's true for virtually everyone, regardless of their affiliations (race, religion, credo, etc.).  Not one of us has the mind of God.

Hand in hand with this idea is this:  You can believe in whatever you want.  The moon is made of green cheese; the earth is flat; and there is no God.  Whatever YOU happen to believe does not, in any way, change the Truth.

Go ahead and glom onto whatever fads and trends and politically-correct bandwagons are passing by.  But if you're wrong, you're wrong.  This goes for all of us.  Right and wrong, contrary to the pablum Western cultures try to feed us, are NOT relative or subjective.  When you believe that they are, you are reduced to anarchy.  Oh, wait...

Whatever politically-correct ideology you want to spout, what is going on in America right now is WRONG.  There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that can justify rioting, looting, destruction, and protesting to this degree.  Evil is evil, whoever is perpetrating it.  

The police officer who killed George Floyd was acting out evil.  George Floyd was acting out evil.  The rioters, looters, and many of the protesters are acting out evil.  The churchmen who are "taking a knee" in solidarity with evil are, themselves, acting out evil.  

Think, man!  Wake up.  We must think for ourselves.  And we must, MUST realise this:
  • WE are not right; we don't have the minds of God.  If we did, God would not have had to break into our physical world with a Saviour.
  • WE cannot save ourselves.  We can believe what we want, but all we have to do is look at history to see that this is an impossibility.
  • WE will destroy ourselves through pride, unless we change.
  • Rioting, looting, protesting, and committing violence in NO WAY point to anything good, true, or beautiful.  WE are deluding ourselves if we think we can arrive at Truth in this manner.
My beloved America, you are enveloped in chaos and darkness right now.  Don't "take a knee" for anyone but God.  Don't follow this crowd.  It will lead to spiritual death.

Lord, have mercy on America.

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