03 June 2020

No Black Screen

Although I live in Scotland and have done for 13 years, I am an American born and bred, and I lived in my homeland for 43 years.  I cannot keep silent about what is going on in America now.

CLARIFICATION:  ALL lives matter.  Duh.  What kind of stupid statement is that, anyway?  This is stating the obvious, and most people probably believe this, without having a sign shoved in their faces.  Violence is wrong and so is police brutality.  The following post assumes these premises.  But there is more to this story...

What is happening in America right now has very little to do with racism, and people are ignorant if they think that is the sole issue.  And let us not forget that racism wears many colours.  This is simply anarchy.  Angry people, angry over all kinds of things, run amok.  So much so that they somehow justify in their tiny little minds the importing of "professional" protestors and anarchists, the destruction of others' property, the burning of cities, the vandalism of churches, and the irrational BLAMING of everyone and everything for their own particular state in life, whatever that may be.  

Take a good look at this photo.  What are these people even doing, and what on earth do they hope to gain by it?

For those hanging onto the coattails of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., let me say this:  Dr King would be appalled and disgusted at all this violence and destruction.  So please, don't align yourselves with someone like that.  

Skin colour is not the issue here.  First of all, I have never met a "black" person, nor have I met a "white" person.  I have friends of all different colours, but none of them is black or white.  Skin colour has nothing to do with the state of one's heart.

This issue has so many facets, it would take pages and pages to address them:  racism to a degree, but also the results of living in a culture of self-determinism, a culture without absolutes (therefore, no morals), a culture of entitlement, a culture of whiny don't-hurt-my-feelings babyish behaviour, a culture which supports, finances and glorifies street thug / drug dealer mentality, a culture of total ingratitude -- especially by those who are receiving the most handouts, and on and on.  

What happened to this man, Mr Floyd, is, of course, despicable.  But let me ask you this:  what happened to the police officer who was driven to this?  And, while there are many Christians out with the protesters waving their signs and banners in our faces, why are they not praying for the man who, for whatever reason, committed this act of brutality?  What is HIS story?  For that matter, what is George Floyd's story?  Does anyone care that he had a criminal record?  Does anyone consider that he may have not cooperated with the police in the remotest degree?  I am not excusing, by any means, what happened.  But I have questions.

How many American police officers face endless abuse by criminal elements?  How many police officers have been killed?  Why no outrage over that?

Also, look at the chart below:

WHY NO OUTRAGE OVER THOSE STATISTICS?  This response that has taken place / is taking place in America is completely out of proportion and frankly, insane.  Many, many years ago, my mother used to say:  America doesn't need to worry about enemies from without; it will destroy itself from within.  How prophetic.

There IS an answer, but the hearts of many have become darkened:

Finally, don't spend your time and energy waving signs and banners, "standing in solidarity with" whatever, whatever, by posting your stupid black screens.  If you really want change, DO something productive and constructive -- not destructive and barbaric.  The behaviour by those who are rioting and many who are protesting is nothing less than demonic.  Satan in a deceiver and a divider.  He is having a field day in America right now.  

No black screens!  Black is the absence of Light.  I will never align myself with darkness.  

For all those of us who are trying to live our Christian faith, I leave you with this:

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Schotzy said...

I Understand your angst as I, too, ponder all the time, about the daily hardship police men and women endure everyday dealing with criminals. No way do I condone what this officer did to Floyd, it was completely unconscionable, and he does deserve justice to the fullest extent of the law, but what about justice for the police who have been killed every day.. We do not hear any hue and cry over them. We do not even see anyone trying to stop these rioters from defacing the WWII and Lincoln Memorials as if they are well within their rights to do what ever they want. And these democratic governors who refuse to allow the National Guard in to stop the destruction of people's private property and possibly their lives.All for the sake of being able to at a later date blame Trump. To politicize this is mind boggling to me. It has actually made me sick.. My stomach is fraught with excess acid and indigestion to the point of probably having to have an upper GI exam when I see the dr next week. This world is so broken and our only hope is found in God's mercy to intervene We do covet your prayers for wisdom and an end to this debacle in Jesus name!