17 June 2020


I want to write about everyday, mundane things:  we are renovating our kitchen; we got our Shermy clipped for the summer (always an ordeal); we just had our 13th wedding anniversary.  I want to write about these things, but I can't.

How can I talk about the simple, good things when all around me I am seeing evil unleashed like never before in my lifetime.  I feel like I would be burying my head in the sand if I focused on these kinds of things.  At the same time, I know that as a Christian, I probably should focus on these things.  Where does one draw the line between being prepared, wise, and informed, and being at peace?  I know one thing for sure:  peace ONLY comes from God and NOWHERE else.

I just want to say these things, and maybe I will be able to move on in my next post:
  • The same namby-pamby young people who have been sitting in the lotus position, claiming they want peace, and spouting their "can't we all just get along" mantra are now the ones most confrontational and violent today.  So how did all that mindfulness-you're-okay-I'm-okay crap work out for them?
  • If you do not worship the Truth, you worship evil.  Yes, it actually is that black and white.  
  • What is going on in the world right now is a spiritual battle, and Christians, we are falling down on the job.
  • "Political correctness" is garbage.  Correct for whom?
  • BLM is not about ANYTHING even remotely life-affirming or life-giving.  It is a terrorist organisation whose goal is to destroy the fabric of a moral society.
  • Apparently not ALL black lives matter, because the BLM movement encourages abortions, especially for black women.
  • It is not a coincidence that this move towards anarchy is coming on the heels of Covid-19.
  • The governments of the US and the UK are using Covid-19 as an excuse to persecute the Church.  You can go to a shopping mall, ride a train, get on a plane, sit on a bus, and go to the movies -- but you can't go to Church?
  • Low-level and persistent persecution of Christians has been going on in the UK ever since I got here, and that was back in 2007.  Christians:  WAKE UP!  The government is forming legislation that will categorize the teachings of the Church as "hate crimes".  Scotland is in the forefront with this.
  • Many of the priests and hierarchy are complicit with persecution, at the very least by their silence, but also by aligning themselves with watered-down versions of the Faith, by aligning themselves with divisive and terrorist groups, and by doing such weak-minded, limp-wristed things as renouncing their heritage and pasts and, in a blaze of virtue-signalling, stating things like "I pray that those of us who are white Christians repent of our own prejudices, and do the work of becoming better allies of our brothers and sisters of colour." (Justin Welby on Twitter).  GIVE. ME. A. BREAK.  Are you telling me that black people have no prejudices?  Come on, people.  Use your brains.  And, if you believe even the tiniest bit in revelations like Fatima, you know it will NOT be the clergy or hierarchy who save the Faith.  It will be the laity.  Many of the clergy and hierarchy are already on the road to perdition.  And no, I do not agree with the Pope's "no borders" mentality, either.  
  • Chaz?  Or Chop.  Or whatever the heck stupid name you have given yourselves:  if you are seceding from the Union, then I guess you don't need any state support, money, or economy of any kind.  You no longer deserve the privileges of an American life.  And since you happen to be on American soil (essentially, you have invaded it), then America has the right to bomb the hell out of you, and oust your regime.  Brace yourselves.
  • We are in dire, dire times, my friends.  Empires are on the verge of toppling.  Christians are too complacent.  People in general are too eager to reclaim their previous, ordered (I use that term loosely) lives.  And this is not going to happen.  

So what do we do?  It seems, from my own point of view, that what started in America has spread like wildfire around the western world, and that a veritable torrent of evil has been unleashed.  It is as if the demons and demoniacs have been given the green light.  The world has lost its collective mind.

Christians, what can we do?  Well, ultimately, we can pray and fast, and place our trust in Christ.  The Faith is very clear -- there will be an end time, and it will not be pretty.  Is it now?  Who knows?  Jesus admonishes us not to try to determine when.  He also admonishes us to have oil for our lamps, and to be watchful.  Do not engage with evil, and do not use its weapons.  Pray, people.  Pray like crazy.  And trust in God.

Here's hoping I have a more "normal" post next time!

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