05 June 2020

Well Done, America :: NOT

My heart breaks for the country that once was.  The country that was founded on morals and values and decency.  The country of my birth, which will always be in my blood.  The country that overcame wars and divisions.  The country that birthed The Greatest Generation -- my parents' generation.  And yes, they were indeed the greatest generation.  Nothing that has come after them, my own generation included, has come even close to theirs for faith, values, patriotism, decency, morals, and ability.

Now, the country is imploding before my very eyes.  My father, who fought in World War II, and my mother, who lost a brother to the fighting in World War II, would wonder what it was all for.  In fact, even before he died, in 2008, he was beginning to wonder what it was all for.  Why he sacrificed part of his life for a bunch of whiny, self-entitled, immature brats who couldn't hold a job or be bothered to do anything for anyone besides themselves.  

And this is what I see now:  these selfsame people my father was talking about, in the guise of the "intellectual elite", people in their twenties and thirties who have had virtually everything handed to them, a huge majority of people who want the American life, but at the same time denigrate it, politicians of every stripe (but let's be honest, it is primarily Democrats), and possibly worst of all, people who identify as Christians but who are on this destructive bandwagon of protests, rioting, looting, and outright anarchy.

The irony is so appalling, one cannot even laugh at it.  For example, my sister and her husband were walking down the sidewalk in their town when a carload of young women drove past them, yelling out the window at them:  White elitists!  The women themselves were in a brand new SUV, and were white themselves.  What kind of madness is this?  The behaviour is appalling by any standards, and completely demonic.

And now, across the nation, politicians and leaders are calling for the defunding and "dismantling" of the police?  Perfect.  Anarchy has almost completely won.  Of course, what will happen now is anybody's guess, since the people fueling this display of insanity do not have enough brain cells among themselves to find their way out of a paper bag, never mind running a country.  

America, you do realise, don't you, that the whole world is watching, and that many people are as horrified and disgusted as I am?  The Middle Eastern and Far Eastern nations are just about salivating, telling their citizens via their own news media that America is falling.  Their words, not mine.  And yes, the Pope has joined in with the whole anti-racist point of view -- and OF COURSE RACISM IS BAD AND SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED, but this is NO LONGER about racism -- but vehemently denounces this violence.  

America is NOT great.  Not when the whole world is watching with baited breath, and much of the world is hoping America will fall.  

Wake up!  Arise and put down this rebellion before it is too late!

I cannot pray for God to bless America.  Bless what, exactly?  I will pray fervently for God to intervene and have mercy on America.  My homeland.  Land that I love.  Land that I am now weeping for.

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Barbara said...

By all means, yes, do pray that God will intervene in America. This season is not good but I do pray the Lord's faithful ones will draw closer to Him and bring many with them in the process. Time is short, I do believe, for people to choose to follow Him.