28 July 2020


Well, I keep thinking about the homey, faith-oriented, crafty, stitchy posts I want to write.  

The Deep State and the Deep Church

I think, however, that for the foreseeable future, this blog will often be about the atrocities and anti-Christian madness that is sweeping across the Western world.  It is also about my frustration towards all those who are complicit, even though they don't seem to realise it.  I am a member of the Church Militant, and living in hope for the Church Triumphant.

The anarchists, BLM, rioters, AND the bulk of Western governments (this includes the UK and the USA), have an evil agenda.  They are attempting -- and at the moment, succeeding -- to pull down everything that is great and good about Western civilization.  They are indoctrinating as many people as possible in their sick, Satanic ideologies, and twisting all truth so as to confuse the masses who are, sadly, not very well educated.  Satan and his minions are on the attack, big style, and they are using every person they can sway in their direction to destroy every vestige of the Christian faith -- and yes, especially the Catholic faith -- and to create a New World Order which consists of ZERO freedom; a tiny, wealthy, leftist/liberal elite; and NO Christianity.  They are not fooling around, and we should not be, either.  This is a battle.  This is, as Dr Taylor Marshall said recently, and President Trump retweeted, a War on Christianity.  If you do not see that, you are blind.  If you do not believe that, you are deaf.

In the beginning of this so-called Covid Crisis, I was VERY sceptical.  I did not believe it was anything like what the governments were trying to tell us.  Then, I too found myself feeling slighly panicky and worried.  I thought I was wrong about it all.  Now, I realise I was right in the beginning.  This is not a mere natural phenomenon.  There is much more to it than that, and the governments and anarchists both are using this "Plandemic" to control and dehumanize the people so as to more easily create their New World Order, with placid, obedient, compliant citizenry already in place.  The appalling manipulation of statistics and so-called tests, and the absolute fear mongering by governments and media is unlike anything we have ever seen before -- UNLESS WE WERE LIVING BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN.

Wake up, people.  It is no longer okay to just keep the blinds closed and stay in your own little world, telling yourself that this will pass and everything will be okay.  It is NOT okay now, and it's not going to be okay unless we fight back, and mean it.

You are complicit if you are:
  • Silent -- towards the government, the worldly clergy, the WHO, the health officials, and anyone else who is trying to control your every move and deny you your freedom
  • Wearing a mask because you have been told to, with no legitimate proof that it is doing anyone any good, and plenty of proof that it is harmful
  • Living in fear.  CHRISTIANS DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR.
  • Being intimidated by rebels and thugs who try to shame you for not wearing a mask (this includes the likes of Fr James Martin -- who is clearly disobedient to and against the teachings of the Catholic church)
  • Avoiding other people, keeping far apart, not making eye-contact, etc.  You are well on the way to being invalidated and dehumanized
  • Accepting anything to do with the "Cancel Culture", or any kind of revisionist history or philosophy
  • Supporting BLM or any other terrorist organisation
  • Staying away from church
  • And if you're a Catholic, receiving Communion in the hand because of "Covid restrictions", or frankly, for any reason
And you are something else entirely, beyond my comprehension or appropriate words, if you are phoning in to report on any other person for not wearing a mask, not staying 2 mteres / 6 feet apart, not following the directives of bishops who have already sold out.  Actually, this pretty much makes you a communist.

It will no longer suffice to just go along, comply, accept, and tolerate.  That way leads to perdition.  The only honourable way lies in fighting this evil which is virtually exploding all around us, in society, the government, AND the church.  Christians:  stand up and fight!  God did not give us a spirit of fear.

The discussion today in one of my faith groups on FB was this:  What would you do if you could be arrested for going to Mass (church)?  It has come to this, friends.  

For me, God is first.  I don't give a rat's behind about these freedom-denying government regulations, nor do I care one wit what the "Cancel Culture" and protesting public think of me.  Neither am I interested in any gossip going around the community of not-very-bright people in which I live.  I care about living right, free, and faithful to God to the end.  It is those who endure to the end who will be saved.  And I reject this goose-step towards the New World Order.  I would rather die in Mass, receiving Holy Communion on my knees and on the tongue, than live my life in a mask and isolated.

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