23 July 2020

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi

Well, I guess I will just keep writing.  It seems that those who are self-centered, abusive, violent, misguided, revisionist, evil, cancel culture enthusiasts have the public's ear these days and the elevated platform.  Someone like me -- just a regular person trying to live for God and live a decent life -- we are demonized.  So, I guess I will just keep speaking until the communists come for me.  Hopefully, I will keep speaking, even then!

First, I want to share this quote from Archbishop Fulton Sheen:
Today we have to conform to the world or we're branded.  Our Lord said, I have taken you out of the world.  We say, No, we have to win the world, and to win it you have to be one with it.  Our Lord says, I pray not for the world.  He was praying for the spirit of the world.  And this is the easiest kind of way to fall off the log -- worldliness.  It's so simple, and it can be justified for a thousand reasons; namely, the Vatican Council [V2] said we have to go into the world -- indeed, but not to be the world, which is quite a different matter.  So this is our attack today.
Brilliant.  It was first said in 1974, and is more relevant today than ever. 

And, pertaining to this post and my discussion of the appalling state of the Catholic Church here in Scotland, I find this quote particularly on point (also from Archbishop Fulton Sheen):
Who is going to save our Church?  Not our bishops, not our priests and religious.  It is up to you, the people.  You have the minds, the eyes, and the ears to save the Church.  Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops act like bishops, and your religious act like religious.
And NO, I do not think this justifies Bishop Barron's recent comment that it's up to the laity to fight for our churches, statues, sacred items, way of life.  In essence, his "not my job" comment.  This is something altogether different, and it requires that we stand up to the hierarchy and clergy and CALL THEM OUT when they are doing, saying, or promoting anything that is NOT the true Catholic teaching and goes against our Lord Jesus.  You know, like "pride Masses", or withholding the Blessed Sacrament, or keeping church doors closed out of convenience, and things like that.  But I digress.  Let's get to today's point: 


I want to talk about a thing that I find so incredibly disappointing and disheartening:  the church's (especially the Catholic Church) complete roll-over-and-die mentality and utter subservience to the government during this whole insane Covid-19 thing.  What?  Where is this coming from?  NOT from God, that is for certain.  All around me I see the Christian church just lie down and die.  As Dr Taylor Marshall has said:  the church is giving more to Caesar than was even asked.  Yep.  Here is the bulk of a lengthy and absurd email I received yesterday (my comments are in brackets []):

On 21 July 2020 a consultation between parishioners on Zoom decided as follows:  [NOTE:  my husband and I were not part of this "consultation"]

[All in caps]  With recognition that Catholics remain with dispensation NOT TO ATTEND MASS [in other words, don't rush back to Mass] and are therefore not obliged to attend the partial opened church masses now being offered below.  No pressure is implied.  [Again, please don't worry about getting back to Church AND RECEIVING THE BODY OF CHRIST.]

[One "Mass centre" was closed completely, and the other two churches are referred to as thus:]  Our Parish Mass centres are now the two churches only.  [Parish "Mass Centres"???]

[And here is the real kicker]:  FOR THOSE WHO NEVERTHELESS FEEL THEY WISH TO ATTEND MASS, the Parish of (...) offers the following:

[Then we get a whole discourse on how the churches will only be partially open, where to attend, and that only 30 people are allowed at a time, EVEN THOUGH the government opened the churches on 15th of July, and allows 50 people at a time]. 

[And then we get a whole list of what we can and cannot do, according to the government.  Hoo boy.  Let's be sure we give our first allegiance to the Scottish Government.  After all, what did Jesus know about that?]
  • Compulsary wearing of masks [this is NOT compulsory according to government law]
  • Compliance with two metre social distancing
  • Compliance with sanitizing hands
  •  No singing
  • No physical sign of the peace [Good. This Novus Ordo practice is stupid and takes away from the purpose of the Mass.]
  • Communion of ONE kind only and received in the hand [OH REALLY?  According to the Vatican, NO ONE has the right to refuse the faithful the reception of Communion on the tongue, including the Bishop -- and by the way, I got a condescending email from this bishop a few weeks ago, with a long but incomplete discourse, of COURSE, quoting, or I should say, PARTIALLY quoting St Cyril of Jerusalem regarding Communion in the hand.  Like I'm an idiot and don't know the whole story.  I was summarily dismissed by this man, too, by his telling me he was not going to get into an email argument with me.  Coward.  And the bishops wonder why we don't trust them and have no confidence in them?]
  • All readings done by the celebrant to avoid unnecessary movement of people [Again, good.  The Mass is sacred and should be treated as such.  All this laity participation is not necessarily a good thing.]
  • Prior reserved seats to which worshipers will be guided by stewards [because we're all too stupid to read signs or to not sit where the pews are taped off]
  • Communion will be given upon departure [How's that for desecrating the act?  Jesus is an afterthought.  A drive-thru commodity.  No prayers required.  Again, as Dr Taylor Marshall says:  a "snackrament"]
  • Departure to follow the order of pew seat numbers, so as to ensure a constant forward movement of people without any occasion to turn back and encounter others [Perfect communism!  Orderly sheep (sorry Shermy) who follow the rules and don't question.  And DON'T interact with others.  Divide and conquer.]
  • Votive candles will be lit by the celebrant within the liturgy [huh?]
  • No altar servers
  • Altar area and sacristy to be approached only by the celebrant
[Then there is more blah, blah, blah...followed by THIS:]

Critical to the success of these re-openings is sufficient volunteers who enable the above procedures of health and safety to take place.  [Then in RED and ALL CAPS}:  If we come short in this regard, there will be no choice but to cancel arrangements. 

The parish only invites volunteers:  NO ONE IS PRESSURISED TO VOLUNTEER.

[End of email] 

Yes, and the priest is clearly hoping no one WILL volunteer, and then he won't have to deal with Mass!  There is actually a whole bunch more directives after this, but what's the point.  Clearly this is all about fear mongering, physical health, and government compliance.  NO WORD WHATSOEVER ABOUT THE HEALTH OF OUR SOULS.

No, my husband and I will not be volunteering.  We do not want to contribute in any way to this absolute mockery and parody of a Mass.

What are people thinking???  This is NOT acceptable on any level, and yet, this is what the Scottish Bishops are encouraging.  I am appalled and saddened.  

Also note that in the months of communications regarding this issue, there has been NO discourse on Jesus Christ, on how to handle Communion with reverence, etc.  Clearly, this particular parish does not REALLY believe this is the Body and Blood.  

The upshot for us:  I am now looking at how we can get to Edinburgh at least once a month for a TLM.  

ALSO, here is a link, which may be controversial, on the whole mask-wearing thing, and why I do NOT subscribe to it.

Pray for us!  And friends, do not fall away!

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