22 July 2020

Too Disgusted to Write

I have been long absent.  A whole month.  Frankly, I have been too disgusted with the state of things to write.  It feels like I only have venom to spew.  For example, the things infuriating me:
  • The wanton destruction of Catholic churches, images, statues, and sacred things.  Very few people are speaking up about this.  The Pope?  Puh-leeze.  There is really no point anymore in pretending.  The ANTI-Pope is what we're actually dealing with.  The bishops and others in the hierarchy?  Nope.  Don't want to rock that good ol' boys' network.
  • Anarchy, on both sides of the ocean.  By a bunch of paid thugs and spoiled brats.  It is laughable that the "kids" getting all riled up and joining in the destruction are claiming "white privilege".  Most of them are also white.  From America.  And obviously have money to spend, and no jobs.  White privilege?  The fact is, most of the world does not live like America, and the US is blessed with a high standard of living.  For virtually ALL of its citizens.  Spend a couple of months in Europe.  Or Africa.  Or Asia.  Or anywhere outside of America.  Then compare notes.  
  • The shameless fear-mongering over this whole stupid Covid-19 thing.  People, people.  Wake up!  First of all, what kind of life are the kids having when all around them people are wearing masks and reacting out of fear?  
    • MASKS:  Again.  Puh-leeze.  What on earth do people think they are accomplishing with that?  It's especially irritating (and pathetic) to see so-called grown-ups wearing masks outside, in their own cars by themselves, or in their homes.  Seriously?  Why all this fear?  And yes, masks DO inhibit your oxygen intake to one degree or another.  For crying out loud, people, use the brains God gave you!  Or have they already been oxygen-deprived?  In Scotland, because persecution of the Church is a very real and government-sanctioned thing, we are "required" by law to wear masks in church -- but NOT in restaurants or pubs.  Huh?
    • PANDEMIC:  Okay, in the strictest sense of the word, this is a pandemic.  Comparatively, across history, this is pretty small potatoes.  Let's get some perspective here.  Everyone in 2020 seems to think that this is the worst thing ever, and no one else has ever had it so bad or so hard.  Really?  Tell that to those who suffered through countless wars and plagues.  Come on.
    • EXCUSES:  This Covid-19 thing has given all the wrong people all kinds of excuses -- to persecute the church, to control the citizenry, to train us to follow rules so that when the communist state is finally established all over the world we'll all be trained, to blame the Christians (and especially the Catholics) for everything, to remove choices, to legislate abortion up to birth, and on and on.  
  • The One World Government / One World Religion that is emerging before our eyes, and the fact that NO ONE is doing anything about that, either.  This is not an overnight phenomenon.  This has been carefully planned and orchestrated for decades.  Oh, and by the way, it is Communist.
  • I am sick fed up of all things Vatican II, and the absolute mockery it is making of the Catholic Church.  The hierarchy and the Vatican are rotten at the core and the stench is spreading.
  • The excuse (Covid-19 again) to desecrate the Blessed Sacrament and try to enforce people to receive it in the hand.  By the way, there is documentation in the Vatican that supports the fact that every Catholic has the right to receive on the tongue, and NO ONE can deny him or her.  
  • Finally, the unbelievable focus on all things physical -- the fear of dying, the freaking out over this virus -- when the ONLY thing we should be focused on is the state of our souls, and the life everlasting.  Why do we have zillions of rules regarding how we are to proceed with our physical bodies, but we don't even bother with our souls?  
Everything is upside down.  The world is intent on telling us that Black is White and White is Black (don't even talk to me about politically correct vocabulary -- I'm not interested).  

THIS is complete sacrilege and blasphemy:

The only thing keeping me going is my Faith.  Regardless of how disgusted I am with the infrastructure of the Catholic Church and all the faithless, gutless, liberal clergy, I am a faithful Catholic, and I will remain such.  Our Lady tells us that there will be a remnant, and that her Immaculate Heart will win this war against evil.  We must take protection under her mantle.  I also keep reminding myself that the many evil men in the Church, from the top down (let us not forget who placed Pachamama idols on the altar) are NOT the Church.  The Church belongs to Jesus Christ, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it, no matter how hard they are trying right now.  Even when it gets to the point where it LOOKS like all is lost, it isn't.  God will not be silent forever.  He promises us victory.  He already HAS the victory.  Christ died once for all.  If some (many?  most?) reject Him, that does not change the Truth.

The Great Apostasy is here, my friends.  Persecution is real for those of us who thought we'd never see it in our lifetimes.  Are you prepared?  There will be martyrs.  But we know in whom we trust.  Don't fall away!  Endure to the end!

[NOTE:  I DO still aspire to write about something cheerful.  Sigh...]

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