31 August 2020

Bishops, Apostasy, and Idol Worship

I'm sorry.  I tried, but I can't do it.  There is too much going on around us, both in the world and in the church, to remain silent. Silence is complicity.  I've said it before, and I still believe it.  If ONE person reads an article I've shared or watches a video I've shared, and is provoked to thought and prayer, then it's worth it.  

I just finished reading this book:

It's available from basically everywhere, and I think every Catholic should read it.  Ignorance is NOT bliss, and we need to know where Truth is found, and where it is not.  Of course, there is a whole raft of Pro-V2 clergy and laity out there that try to refute this book, but you cannot deny the evidence.  It is ALL there, and anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear will know this.  The infiltrators are running scared, so they are claiming those of us who see them without their masks are just conspiracy theorists or nut-cases.  

Anyway, I have been thinking, especially about the current pontificate and all the relativism, pluralism, and actual idol worship that has come into the Church in the past seven years.  Below is a short video by Fr Mitch Pawca (EWTN) regarding the whole Pachamama thing.  He nails it. 

The thing is, there are many, many bishops out there, worldwide, who have, either licitly or illicitly, sold us up the river, and who support the practice of relativism, plurality, and idol worship.  They are fine with denying the divinity of Christ, treating the "Sacrifice of the Mass" like a Sunday picnic, supporting and promoting LBGT whatever whatever agendas, and leading the people astray with the ideas that Hell is not real / "we don't believe in Hell anymore", homosexual activity within the priesthood is a form of "love", all religions are equal, and so on.  

NOW, during this world turbulence in which lies are proliferating on all fronts, is the time when we MUST hold fast to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of what faithless clergy are saying.  Fatima and La Salette both have predicted that the apostasy would occur within the ranks of the clergy and hierarchy first.  From the top down.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what is happening in the Church.  

It will be up to the laity to say NO, we have had enough, and we are following Christ and ONLY the priests and hierarchs who do the same thing.  

Pray the Rosary every single day.  Pray for renewal in the Church.  Pray for the good priests and bishops -- for their safety, courage, and steadfastness.  Pray for your own soul, that you would be able to stand firm and not be duped by the fake Catholicism (and other watered down Christian faith versions) that is trying to herd you into the One World Religion reality.  Anything that points to that is anti-Christ and heresy.  Seek the Truth at all costs!

21 August 2020

Unsettled, Like the Weather

Some of us (me) are so affected by our environments.  The weather and the sky, the wind, the humidity, the pollen and dust flying through the air because of combining and harvesting, the haar rolling in from the North Sea.  The weather has been really unsettled lately, just like the world in general, and it is making it even more difficult for me to calm down, be at peace, and focus.

Shermy seems to feel it, too, but not as much as I do!

Shermy is one of those animals who can see things we can't, and sometimes his ears are on backwards!  He also is really good at standing stockstile and staring intently at things only he can see.

You can see the mist attempting to envelope this tree.  On days like this, it seems simultaneously hot and cold!  I do like standing and just feeling the air, and listening to the sounds that are, again, both muffled and clear.

Things are still in bloom.  Lots of flowers will hang on till at least the end of September.  Yet, we can feel that autumn is near.  My husband speaks often lately of how quickly things have turned and how you can feel the onset of fall.

Shermy, however, is more interested in cookie treats, whatever time of year it is!

Today, I finally saw through the window a butterfly on our buddleia.  Usually, it's just lots of bees and wasps.  I haven't actually seen many butterflies this year, sadly.  I'm wondering if the buddleias with purple flowers are more effective in drawing the butterflies than our white one.  

So, I'm attempting to refrain from all the political and religious comments, but it's hard.  We talk about it all quite a bit.  Mostly, we are concerned about the state of the church and how so many of the bishops are letting down the laity -- to the point of leading many souls astray, we fear.  We still plan to travel to Edinburgh for a Traditional Latin Mass, but it's a trek, and although it's the closest place to us, it requires at least one overnight to make it happen.  The plan had been for this weekend, but life got in the way, and we have postponed until next month.

Of course, we also talk about the state of politics, both here and in the US, and the dismal nature of the culture around us.  We're wondering, like everyone else, if there will be another "spike" (or at least whether we will be TOLD by the government there is a spike) in Covid or whatever, and whether the government will attempt another lockdown.  Parts of Scotland are already experiencing a "local lockdown".  Personally, we both believe this is a lot of nonsense, and the political agenda is to use any means available at this point to control the populace.

We believe the demons have definitely been unleashed.  Now is the time to build up our spiritual stores, and to remain faithful no matter what to Christ the King.
Therefore, shepherds, hear the world of the LORD: As I live, says the Lord GOD, because my sheep have been given over to pillage, and because my sheep have become food for every wild beast, for lack of a shepherd; because my shepherds did not look after my sheep, but pastured themselves and did not pasture my sheep; because of this, shepherds, hear the word of the LORD:  Thus says the Lord GOD:  I swear I am coming against these shepherds.  I will claim my sheep from them and put a stop to their shepherding my sheep so that they may no longer pasture themselves.  I will save my sheep, that they may no longer be food for their mouths.  

 For thus says the Lord GOD:  I myself will look after and tend my sheep.  [From Ezekiel 34:1-11]

This reading from Wednesday's Mass readings seemed very timely to me.  I wonder how many "shepherds" read this and felt uncomfortable.  I think many, many SHOULD have felt convicted, but probably didn't.  While this passage should strike fear and terror in the hearts of the shepherds, it should also bring the sheep some true comfort.  Never forget that we do know the final outcome!

18 August 2020

Enough Already!

Heather coming into bloom in the Far North, about three weeks ago.

Well, I really have had just about enough.  I never started this blog to be ranting about politics and religion (although, in case you couldn't tell, I do have strong feelings about both).  I have finally yanked myself up and decided I will do my best to limit my rants.  There is more to life... And frankly, other people say it so much better than I, and apparently don't just about meltdown when they do.  I'll leave it to them for awhile.

We keep talking here about how we are going to live as we OUGHT and as we desire, regardless of what the government says, etc.  One positive step I took:  I ditched Facebook!  YAY!  It was driving me crazy and inciting me to madness.  Good riddance!

We used to spend a good long day, driving and exploring all around the north of Scotland, but hadn't gone anywhere for awhile.  We did that recently, and here are a few photos:

Bog cotton and cut peats.

My husband showing me a cut peat close up.  It was fairly dry and hard.
(Don't worry; he put it back!)

Lots of lambykins all over!

Ian says no, it's the people in cars who have no lamb sense!

Bog cotton.

Sometimes you just have to stop taking everything so seriously.  Over the past few months, there have been a lot of frowns and furrowed brows in our home.  The angst has caused untold stress, stolen months, and heartburn.  We're working on that.

We also decided we would just go back to the beginning again, and read through a child's catechism.
Then Jesus called a little child to Him, set him in the midst of them, and said, "Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will be no means enter the kingdom of heaven.  Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. {Matthew 18:2-4}

Finally, I am REALLY trying to get back to stitching and designing.  It has been so hard to focus my mind and hands on this.  I have felt scattered and fragmented for six months now.  But somehow I managed to stitch these Christmas ornaments.  Now I just need to final finish them.  This was from a Janlynn kit that had been in my stash for a few years.

And so, here ends my first non-ranting, non-political, non-religious post in a long time.  My husband and I have agreed that we will do what we can and must to take back our lives from ridiculous government rules and restrictions, and do our best not to let the devil or the government or complicit bishops (all the same?  I don't know) steal our joy and our very lives.  

In keeping with that, we have also been renovating our entire kitchen!  This is due mainly to two things:  (1) 2+ years ago we bought an old, ex-authority house that was a total dump, and (2) the "tradesmen" we hired to renovate our kitchen did such a thoroughly horrible job, we have had to redo the whole thing.  Ah well...at least it is finally getting near completion.  Photos to follow when it is ALL done!

Be wise, my friends, and cling to the Cross!

06 August 2020

Bishops are Fiddling While Catholicism Burns

This is sacrilege.

Do you know, I actually have photos of the stitching I have been doing this past week.  It's true.  Maybe in the next post, I will actually share them.  I keep taking a tiny break from this blog, thinking I will surely come back and write about something uplifting, cheerful, or even just mundane.

But I keep seeing simply unbearable complicity by Catholic clergy and hierarchy, and every day the news brings some new atrocity.  And all the while, most people -- clergy, Catholics, other Christians, bishops, hierarchy, Bergoglio -- just look the other way, or keep silent, or worse, silently cheer on the destruction not just of our physical sacred signs and aspects of the faith, and our physical indicators of what was once a semi-civilised society, but the utter destruction of all Truth and morality.  

My husband and I are horrified, saddened, and sickened by all that we see and hear, all over the world, but especially in the West:
  • A so-called Pope who clearly doesn't even believe in the True tenets of the Catholic faith (Pachamama, Abu Dhabi, need I say more)
  • Comfortable bishops (especially in the US and the UK) who are starting to get a little worried and hot under the collar because there are some lay people who are willing to call them out on their immoral, selfish, and godless behaviour -- and their response is to set up a "by invitation only" online meeting to figure out how to deal with "traditional Catholics".  So, Bishop Barron, are you becoming afraid that we are on to you and see what kind of watered-down garbage you are feeding us, and that you are far, far from the Truth?  Upset that maybe your popularity is waning? Shame on you.
  • A Catholic Congressman has to call for the Department of Justice (US) to investigate the anti-Catholic vandalism that has been sweeping America.  Where are the bishops?  A bunch of cowards, that's where.
  • Churches on both sides of the ocean are burning; the bishops are saying nothing.  Bergoglio is doing even less.
  • In the UK, bishops are trying to dupe the faithful into believing that it is our "duty" to be vaccinated with whatever poisonous crap the people in power come up with, REGARDLESS of whether the vaccines are made using aborted fetuses.  
I could go on an on.  In our own diocese and parish, the "bishop" is telling us we MUST receive Holy Communion in the hand, due to "Covid" restrictions.  Give me a break.  These people don't even have the courage to come out and admit that they don't REALLY believe this is the True Body of Christ.  

The priest in our parish only JUST opened the church, barely.  He is distributing Communion in the hand, and HE IS WEARING DISPOSABLE GLOVES.  You know, the kind you wear for handling garbage.  And THIS is what we have distributing the Holy Eucharist.  We are disgusted, and we will NEVER go back to that church.  Instead, we drive for miles to find a priest who is faithful.

I cannot even express how dismayed, disgusted, and angry I am over the abuses going on in the church.  And I am not even talking about the abuses by demonic, fallen men (sex abuse scandals).  I am talking about people who are supposed to be shepherds, and what's more, supposed to BELIEVE in our Faith.  These priests and bishops are despicable, and they have NO business leading the faithful.
First of all, we are not friends.  This casual greeting which Bishop Barron uses for every address does not make him "culturally relevant" or whatever it is he is trying to be.  Secondly, NO it is not impossible to repudiate this council (V2).  It was a "pastoral event" and it is NOT binding.  Perhaps Bishop Barron would do well to speak with Archbishop Vigano and Bishop Schneider.

The laity are tired of being duped and dumped by people like this.  This man does not even hold to all the tenets of the Catholic Faith.
Don't like this one little bit.  It is commercial, it is pandering to people's fears, it is making a fashion statement, it is shaming those who don't wear masks, it is going with the secular crowd.  I am sad that these two organisations have opted to do this.  It does not reflect well on them.

And at the same time, the 99% of the population who are lemmings are following the whole mask wearing thing in spite of there being no good reason for it and plenty of proof that it is harmful.  What's more, there are Catholic and Christian organisations now making and selling masks as fashion statements.  Again, shame on them.

Shame on all:
  • who are praying on people's fears
  • who are not thinking for yourselves
  • who are perpetrating the abuse of the Blessed Sacrament
  • who are living in fear, yet calling yourselves Christians
  • who are afraid to resist or speak your mind
  • who are listening to media with a clear anti-Christian and anti-freedom agenda
  • who are using masks as a fashion statement
  • who are judging those who choose NOT to wear a mask, for whatever reason
  • who are not speaking out about the descration of the sacred
  • who are supporting the actions of anarchists, terrorists, rioters, and looters
  • who are not in constant prayer for the nations, but more importantly, for SOULS
Shame.  Shame is everywhere, and yet, the most remarkable thing of all:  the incredible pride that Christians and clergy and hierarchy are demonstrating when they show no sense of propriety, no faith in Our Lord, and no shame whatsoever.

Black is white and white is black.  Good is evil and evil is good.  And I sit here and wonder, when will people wake up and see this?  When will people do anything about it?

What am I doing?  I will tell you:  I am seeking a faithful priest; I am going to a different church; I am praying; I am remaining faithful to the Truth in Christ; I am NOT wearing a mask--anywhere, but especially in church; I am receiving Communion only on the tongue; I am signing petitions and speaking up and writing to my political representatives; I am (with fear and trepidation) calling out the bishop when he is going against the precepts of the Church; I am refusing to back down; I am resisting; I am a voice of dissent.

Join me!