06 August 2020

Bishops are Fiddling While Catholicism Burns

This is sacrilege.

Do you know, I actually have photos of the stitching I have been doing this past week.  It's true.  Maybe in the next post, I will actually share them.  I keep taking a tiny break from this blog, thinking I will surely come back and write about something uplifting, cheerful, or even just mundane.

But I keep seeing simply unbearable complicity by Catholic clergy and hierarchy, and every day the news brings some new atrocity.  And all the while, most people -- clergy, Catholics, other Christians, bishops, hierarchy, Bergoglio -- just look the other way, or keep silent, or worse, silently cheer on the destruction not just of our physical sacred signs and aspects of the faith, and our physical indicators of what was once a semi-civilised society, but the utter destruction of all Truth and morality.  

My husband and I are horrified, saddened, and sickened by all that we see and hear, all over the world, but especially in the West:
  • A so-called Pope who clearly doesn't even believe in the True tenets of the Catholic faith (Pachamama, Abu Dhabi, need I say more)
  • Comfortable bishops (especially in the US and the UK) who are starting to get a little worried and hot under the collar because there are some lay people who are willing to call them out on their immoral, selfish, and godless behaviour -- and their response is to set up a "by invitation only" online meeting to figure out how to deal with "traditional Catholics".  So, Bishop Barron, are you becoming afraid that we are on to you and see what kind of watered-down garbage you are feeding us, and that you are far, far from the Truth?  Upset that maybe your popularity is waning? Shame on you.
  • A Catholic Congressman has to call for the Department of Justice (US) to investigate the anti-Catholic vandalism that has been sweeping America.  Where are the bishops?  A bunch of cowards, that's where.
  • Churches on both sides of the ocean are burning; the bishops are saying nothing.  Bergoglio is doing even less.
  • In the UK, bishops are trying to dupe the faithful into believing that it is our "duty" to be vaccinated with whatever poisonous crap the people in power come up with, REGARDLESS of whether the vaccines are made using aborted fetuses.  
I could go on an on.  In our own diocese and parish, the "bishop" is telling us we MUST receive Holy Communion in the hand, due to "Covid" restrictions.  Give me a break.  These people don't even have the courage to come out and admit that they don't REALLY believe this is the True Body of Christ.  

The priest in our parish only JUST opened the church, barely.  He is distributing Communion in the hand, and HE IS WEARING DISPOSABLE GLOVES.  You know, the kind you wear for handling garbage.  And THIS is what we have distributing the Holy Eucharist.  We are disgusted, and we will NEVER go back to that church.  Instead, we drive for miles to find a priest who is faithful.

I cannot even express how dismayed, disgusted, and angry I am over the abuses going on in the church.  And I am not even talking about the abuses by demonic, fallen men (sex abuse scandals).  I am talking about people who are supposed to be shepherds, and what's more, supposed to BELIEVE in our Faith.  These priests and bishops are despicable, and they have NO business leading the faithful.
First of all, we are not friends.  This casual greeting which Bishop Barron uses for every address does not make him "culturally relevant" or whatever it is he is trying to be.  Secondly, NO it is not impossible to repudiate this council (V2).  It was a "pastoral event" and it is NOT binding.  Perhaps Bishop Barron would do well to speak with Archbishop Vigano and Bishop Schneider.

The laity are tired of being duped and dumped by people like this.  This man does not even hold to all the tenets of the Catholic Faith.
Don't like this one little bit.  It is commercial, it is pandering to people's fears, it is making a fashion statement, it is shaming those who don't wear masks, it is going with the secular crowd.  I am sad that these two organisations have opted to do this.  It does not reflect well on them.

And at the same time, the 99% of the population who are lemmings are following the whole mask wearing thing in spite of there being no good reason for it and plenty of proof that it is harmful.  What's more, there are Catholic and Christian organisations now making and selling masks as fashion statements.  Again, shame on them.

Shame on all:
  • who are praying on people's fears
  • who are not thinking for yourselves
  • who are perpetrating the abuse of the Blessed Sacrament
  • who are living in fear, yet calling yourselves Christians
  • who are afraid to resist or speak your mind
  • who are listening to media with a clear anti-Christian and anti-freedom agenda
  • who are using masks as a fashion statement
  • who are judging those who choose NOT to wear a mask, for whatever reason
  • who are not speaking out about the descration of the sacred
  • who are supporting the actions of anarchists, terrorists, rioters, and looters
  • who are not in constant prayer for the nations, but more importantly, for SOULS
Shame.  Shame is everywhere, and yet, the most remarkable thing of all:  the incredible pride that Christians and clergy and hierarchy are demonstrating when they show no sense of propriety, no faith in Our Lord, and no shame whatsoever.

Black is white and white is black.  Good is evil and evil is good.  And I sit here and wonder, when will people wake up and see this?  When will people do anything about it?

What am I doing?  I will tell you:  I am seeking a faithful priest; I am going to a different church; I am praying; I am remaining faithful to the Truth in Christ; I am NOT wearing a mask--anywhere, but especially in church; I am receiving Communion only on the tongue; I am signing petitions and speaking up and writing to my political representatives; I am (with fear and trepidation) calling out the bishop when he is going against the precepts of the Church; I am refusing to back down; I am resisting; I am a voice of dissent.

Join me!