10 September 2020

Another Gutless, Faithless Bishop

On September 1, I shared Fr James Altman's video in which he has the moral courage to SPEAK OUT against the errors, heresies, lies, etc., of Democrats who claim to be Catholics.  There is much more in this video, including his denunciation of cowardly bishops, bishops who claim there is no hell, bishops who prance around at the DNC and promote the LMNOPXZY rainbow agenda, and so on.  

Fr Altman is a true man of God -- a faithful and holy priest.  We should be rallying around to support him.  The US bishops?  Other than Bishop Strickland, I really don't know.  I know the Scottish bishops are floating around in the same boat of cowardice and lies.  


I am sharing the "statement" by Bishop Callahan because it is so limp-wrist namby pamby and pandering to the James Martins SJ of the world, it beggars belief.  He actually calls Fr Altman "angry and judgmental".  Like that's a bad thing.  So now, Spineless Bishop, you are telling us that anything goes and we should just stand by, as limp-wristed as you are, and allow all kinds of heresies, lies, and evils to further corrupt the Catholic Church -- the Church that is already festering with corruption from within the Hierarchy?  NO. 

This statement by Bishop Callahan, WHICH HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE THE COURAGE TO SIGN, is why the laity have NO FAITH in their bishops anymore.  

Catholic Lay People:  We are on our own.  There are very few members of the hierarchy who will pass on the True Faith, who will stand up to evil, who will call a spade a spade, who will do THE RIGHT THING, and who will remain true to the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Faith.  Time to for us to stand up and do and say the right things, because the bishops won't.  

And for further clarification on this issue, please spend some time with Restoring the Faith, and watch this video:

By the way, Fr Altman is 100% right when he says you cannot be Catholic AND Democrat.  We cannot vote for Baby-Killing Joe Biden and Kamala-name-of-a-demon Harris.  

One last thought:  There may be some who wonder why I, living in Scotland, am so concerned about all this.  Four reasons:
  1. I am a Catholic Christian, and I am disgusted by the lack of courage and faith demonstrated by bishops around the world
  2. I am an American Citizen, whether I am currently living on American soil or not
  3. Whatever happens in America is going to have a huge effect on the rest of the world, whether we like it or not, and
  4. This is all part and parcel, along with the PLANdemic / SCAMdemic, to create a New World Order, implement the "Great Reset", and destroy all things, the world over, that are Good, True, and Beautiful (essentially, all things Christian).

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