02 September 2020

Which Side Are You On?

THE DEVIL wants us to believe there are no sides.  That we can just "all get along".  That there is no absolute Truth; hell is a myth; all religions are the same.  And in this US election year, that Christians should be apolitical, unthinking doormats who sit back while the party of Satan (Democrats) runs roughshod over the country and completely destroys any- and everything good about it.

It's a spiritual battle and make no mistake.

By the way, to the UK people who think what America does has no impact on them:  If America sneezes, Britain gets a cold.  

Just remember, UK, that America is far bigger, has much more of a far-reaching economy, and is truly an influencer in the entire world. The Empire is gone, my friends.  The maps are no longer pink.  The UK is a pretty small-potatoes nation nowadays.  So, I think you'd better pay attention to what is going on in America, or the paltry little freedoms you do have in the UK will be gone before you can blink.

Marxists in Scotland gathering steam, especially among the youth.

For all the Trump-haters here:  You really have NO idea what you are talking about.  Unless you live and work in the US, you are ignorant of the truth.  I can say this, having lived and worked on both sides of the ocean.  You cannot understand a culture until you are totally immersed in it.  So, it would behoove you stop blabbing on about something of which you know nothing.  

I keep intending to write about the sorry state of affairs in the UK and in particular in Scotland and even more in particular, via the vehicle of the idiotic Highland Council here in the northern Highlands.  One thing that stops me is that the INDIFFERENCE is so phenomenally huge here, it almost isn't worth it.  People here have long ago sold out for their smorgasbord of 36+ benefits and crappy social housing.  God has been out of this culture for decades, maybe even centuries (I maintain that Christianity never really had a very good foothold in this pagan part of the world -- but that's for another post).  So, maybe I will eventually "be bothered" to say something about Scotland, its godlessness, and the Marxist SNP, but for now, there are far bigger fish to fry.

Please watch with me this very excellent commentary on the state of the world, and of faith, by Michael Matt and The Remnant TV:

Please think about these things, people.  I was especially struck by this truth:  that we have all just fallen into line and are policing ourselves.  The police state doesn't even have to do anything.  We roll over and follow all of their political, health, and fear mandates without asking questions (well, not ALL of us, but in general).  Also, Mr Matt couldn't be more on target when he refers to Pope Francis as the "chaplain for the World Health Organization".  Pope Francis and his ilk are not interested in promoting the True Catholic Faith.  No, they are only concerned with their New World Order and New World Religion.  I have no compunction about calling the Pope a heretic.  It is for the faithful clergy AND laity to do so when we KNOW the Truth has been compromised.

Recognize and resist.

It has come to that now.

Perhaps we all need to go back to the Baltimore Catechism, Question 6:  Why did God make you?

Answer:  God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in heaven.

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