02 October 2020

Masking Abuse

Once again, I have not been around because I just. can't. stand. it.  

Clueless in Scotland.

WAKE UP PEOPLE!  Today's rant:  the damned mask situation.

Do you honestly believe that wearing a mask is doing ANYTHING for ANYONE in society?  How can you even believe this?  Why are you not looking at the TRUE statistics regarding this whole Covid-1984 SCAMDEMIC?  First of all, the survival rate, across the board, for all types and ages of people, is OVER 99%.  You are fearful of something that you have to be tested for to even know if you have it?  Honestly, it feels to me like the brains have been sucked out of most people these days.  Maybe it's because of the masks -- and yes, they DO cut off your oxygen.  And, if you haven't figured it out yet:  they are causing all kinds of illnesses, including legionnaires disease, and even acne.  DUH.  I'm sorry folks, but I have really had it.  I cannot believe people have fallen so hook, line, and sinker for all this nonsense.

This is NOT normal.  This is STUPID.

What is this really?  It is a small group of egomaniacal wealthy Marxists (kind of an oxymoron, right?) who frankly want to control the world.  It's Communism, for crying out loud!  It's totalitarianism.  It's a pandemic alright -- OF FEAR.  And what really irks me is to see Christians falling for this crap.  Like they are so much more interested in their bodies than their souls.  SHAME ON YOU!

This is DUMB or DUMBER, I forget which.

This mask mandate is nothing other than ABUSE.  Abuse of power and abuse of a person's right to live and breathe and have a face.  Scotland, and the UK in general, are particularly heinous and guilty of this.  That crazy, powermad lunatic in Holyrood (Sturgeon) is hell bent (literally) on controlling her little kingdom.  Blowsy, bloated Boris Johnson is so clearly sold out for evil that it defies words.  People, do you really want someone like him, totally immoral and clueless and arrogant and completely incapable of speaking like a human being, to run your country?

And then there's this:  pretty much as STUPID as it gets.
I will wear a rainbow mask right after hell freezes over.

For the love of God (literally), WAKE UP!  Evil is running rampant.  The church is largely complicit.  The vast majority of bishops have abandoned their flocks and sold out to the secular, goose-stepping-towards-communism governments.  Priorities are upside down.  SCANDAL is rife in the Vatican.  Thank you very much Bergogolio for bringing in the "abomination of desolation" with your stupid Pachamama idols.  How dare you??  And now you're headed for Assisi to sign your stupid encyclical on brotherhood?  Sorry, but people who are completely sold out to Satan are NOT my brothers.

The world has gone totally mad, and no one seems to care.  Well, God says the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church.  But He also says the remnant will be small.  

All photos from Google images.

What side are you on?  There is no time for fence-sitting anymore.  And please, take your stupid mask off and act like a person.