for stopping by.  It is good to be back after many years away from blogging.  One of my hopes is that I will meet and make new friends and folks with whom to share the journey.  If you are looking for a niche blog, this will definitely NOT be it!  For many years, I was intimidated by the seeming mandate that if one wanted to blog, one had to find a niche and be an "expert".  What I discovered were a lot of self-proclaimed "experts" who were too young to be an expert in anything!  They will very probably learn, as I have, that the older you get, the less of an expert you become, in anything.

This blog is my little set-apart space in the giant and overwhelming world, both natural and cyber.  It is a place to share, to ruminate, to muse, to pray, and to find ways pleasing to God to walk this path.  I will be writing about things that are near and dear to my heart:
  • the Faith (capital F) -- Christianity as expressed and handed down through Apostolic succession in the Catholic Church (but I respect and welcome all Christians!)
  • married life
  • homemaking and decorating
  • holy days and holidays
  • sheep
  • sacred art and music
  • stitching (I am an avid cross-stitcher and designer)
  • travel
  • life in the Northern Highlands of Scotland
  • life as an American expat who has dual citizenship with the US and the UK
  • ways of helping / charity / generosity
  • refugees
If anything appeals to you, please do come back.  I hope even something little here will vindicate you, make you think, challenge you, comfort you, and be a blessing in some way.  Comments are always welcome -- please be friendly and kind.

And so the adventure begins...


All of the words and writing on this blog are mine, and are copyrighted.  Any quotes (other than Biblical ones) will be referenced with the rightful owner.  Most photos are mine; others have come without violation from Unsplash.com (I urge you to visit their site, if you have not) or are public domain.  If you wish to use something that is mine, please contact me at:  StellaMarisGuidingStar(at)yahoo(dot)com
Any arts, crafts, or stitching patterns or tutorials which I post are free for you to use and / or download.


I welcome your comments, and hope we can engage in lively, friendly conversation.  Any comments which are abusive, aggressive, mean-spirited, and just generally hurtful to me or someone else on this blog will be deleted.


How do you put 56 years into a pithy, smart paragraph so that you come out looking like the most fabulous person?  Beats me.  So there's this, instead...

I am an American expat (from Florida) living in the Northern Highlands of Scotland.  I moved here to marry my dear husband Ian, and it has been 12+ years and counting!  They all said we were crazy.  His family never liked me at all, and mine did not want me moving so far away from home.  Alas, here we still are!  And I can tell you from this experience that culture shock is a very real thing that takes YEARS to move beyond (notice I did not say "get over", because really, you don't).

What I am most interested in at this point in my life is the following:  my Faith, my husband / marriage, Church, homemaking, stitching, art and music (mostly sacred, but not entirely), days out in nature (preferably with my husband), travel, reading, cooking, and appreciating what we do have.  I have finally entered a de-cluttering stage in my life, and this is an ongoing thing, partially prompted by our moving into a tiny ex-authority house.  I adore sheep, and especially love our Shermy.  Family is very important, too, but has dwindled considerably over the past ten years.  I like writing, planning, and organising.  I am trying to be more devotional and prayerful in my life.  I am trying to live simply.  Aside from an idyllic childhood, it has been a tumultuous adulthood which has included but is not limited to: poverty, divorce, faith crises, horrible jobs I have hated, bad relationships, deaths in the family, many MANY moves, losses, and grief.  Well, I guess I'm human after all!

I started this blog because I wanted a place of my own -- a place to write and think and create and share, to ponder my Faith, to learn to love my life again, to make new friends, and if at all possible, to be a blessing to someone.

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